Yahoo! I was invited to SNS 'Yahoo! 360 °' so I tried it

I never thought that I would really be invited, it is a thing I write. I recently thought that it was on the verge of reaching 20,000 PV a day or so ... I thought that ... I think that being invited by haste so far ... It is wonderful to connect people (far eyes).

Details are as below.

Invitation mail will arrive in HTML format, expiration date is 30 days. For the time being, click "Join Now".

In addition, beforehand Yahoo! It is smooth if you have a JAPAN ID.

Log in with your ID.

Registration of basic information. At this point you can decide whether to publish your real name or mead etc.

First login, background is goldfish ... Maybe perhaps the initial background for each individual is random?

Click on "Write a word!" To edit it.

I can change the shape of the balloon, it is messenger-like and surprisingly fun.

It changes with such feeling.

Initial profile, since it is lonely, I'll try putting hands around here for the time being.

This is photo editing, I feel sad that it is a smiley face so I want to upload some photos. Only JPEG format is supported, but you can upload even huge files such as 3MB. Perhaps consideration to be able to upload photos of digital cameras without processing?

Diary setting, finely controllable.

A screen when writing a diary. It is easy to understand that it is the minimum necessary.

I wrote it. Do not worry about the text in a direction that does not matter.

Preview screen. If you insert an image it will also be reflected.

The background can also be changed. I tried everything at once, but "rain" was unexpectedly cool ... / /.

I tried to make the background basic. It may be nice because it does not grow long at the bottom of the page. Oh, but will it grow if more friends?

Friends list, few, Shobon ... (which is natural).

Since friends can set tags, grouping is possible.

Profile edit screen. The bottom "favorite things" can be entered up to 20 full-width characters. I did not see how many characters it was, so I tried writing a long stuff like a fool and found it to be 20 characters. It might be written somewhere from the beginning. Also, "history" can be written every year, but there are cases in which you change jobs in a tremendously short period of time like me, so it seems better to be able to specify until the year and month.

I just clicked on photo editing. Basically the same as exiting when you click the smiley mark.

This is where I clicked on "message". Something has arrived from the system.

Received messages are displayed like this.

It is possible to create a message, send a message with the feeling of web mail. In the bulletin board system overseas, it is common with a message transmission system which is implemented. Because it does not have to expose the mead, how to use is Iroiro.

It seems that the community function has not been implemented yet.

It is not an exaggeration to say "SNS's maximum function" but also "invitation" function, re-check your own mead is necessary to use.

The confirmation work is like this.

Actual invitation screen. It may be rare that the background of image authentication is completely black.

Basic setting screen. It is possible to change mead and ID.

We also set up communication settings and relationships with messengers.

Alert setting, as it will become clear to some extent without logging in, it is required setting.

Although I'm concerned about the overall weight, surely Yahoo! I hope that I will do my best to do something. Even that, I managed to increase the number of users so much, I guess that it is comparable to mixi. Expect great to how far it will catch up.

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