Free software "RainbowCrack" which decodes Windows administrator password within 1 hour


RainbowCrackRainbow tableIt is a tool that can decrypt passwords fast by using a method called "Microsoft password pageAccording to the official website according to the official website, you can decrypt the Windows administrator password within one hour by using this tool, and if it is 14 characters it will be analyzed within a few minutes That's right.

Details are as below.
Project RainbowCrack

To use RainbowCrack, you first need "Rainbow Tables" which is the source of the calculation, and use BitTorrent for that download.

FREE Rainbow Tables

Alphabetically only "alpha lanman rainbow tables" is 274.55 MB, alphabet and number "alpha-numeric lanman rainbow tables" is 1.49 GB plus "! @ # $% ^ & Amp; * () -_ + =" "Alpha - numeric - symbol32 - space lanman rainbow tables" is 10.43 GB, "sha 512 sumum for all lanman rainbow tables" covering all combinations is 18.53 GB.

The technique used in this tool and the following Microsoft article on the password which is used at the time of Windows login etc. are detailed in the first place.

Security Management - October 2005: Password "Frequently Asked Questions"

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