Chrome extension 'Simple URL Copy' that can copy page title and URL with 1 click

It is difficult to manually typing a long page title when trying to acquire the title and URL of the site in order to tell someone on the browser browsed site with SNS etc. " Simple URL Copy " is a simple looking Google Chrome extension that allows you to clip the page title and URL with just one click.

[Chrome Extension] I made "simple-url-copy" which makes it easy to copy URLs and titles - I want to eat free lunch

Simple URL Copy - Chrome Web Store

◆ Installation
Visit the site above in Google Chrome and click "Add to Chrome".

A popup like the image below is displayed, so click on "Add Extension".

When the installation is completed, "Simple URL Copy" has been added to Chrome "will be displayed.

◆ Try using <br> <br> You just click on the "Simple URL Copy" icon on the right of the Chrome URL field. Since it is already saved in the clipboard in the order of "page title · half-byte space · URL", it can be pasted in arbitrary input field etc. and can be utilized.

You can copy it the same way by clicking "Title URL".

Clicking on the red frame will copy it with a line break between the page title and the URL.

By clicking "Markdown Style", you can get tags to become links by markdown notation .

In certain sites, the URL may contain a query string that gives the parameter with the URL marked "?" ... ...

If you enable "Exclude Query", you can also retrieve the URL from which the query string was deleted.

"Simple URL Copy" has a function that makes clear the Japanese URL of For example, if you copy the URL of this " princess and gamer " page as usual, " AB%E3%81%A8%E3%82%B2%E3% 83% BC% E 3% 83% 9 E% E 3% 83% BC-% E 6% A 4% 92% E 3% 81% 84% E 3% 81% 8 A-ebook / dp / B 07 JHGKJCF / "becomes long But……

By using "Simple URL Copy", it is possible to acquire a clear URL "Amazon".

According to the developer's blog , you can also use "Simple URL Copy" with "Ctrl + Shift + C" shortcut, but if you enter "Ctrl + Shift + C" on Google Chrome Since Developer Tools opens, you can not use shortcuts unless you change the Google Chrome shortcut settings or disable the developer tools. In the future it is supposed to add shortcut customization functions and other copy formats, so I'd like to expect more updates in the future.

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