The Most Popular 'Learning About Big Data' at Harvard is Now Available for Free on the Internet

Harvard University , located in Massachusetts, USA, is one of America's leading prestigious universities located at the top of the university rankings, and also the oldest university in the United States, founded in the British colonial era in 1636. Such Harvard University has created a course that deals with big data from 2017, it became the most popular lecture at the school in the spring of 2019.

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By 2018, the most new student at Harvard University was 'Economics 10' by Professor Gregory Manque of the Faculty of Economics. Prof. Manque is a leader in neo-Keynesian economics, and his “ macroeconomics ”, which he wrote in 1992, has been adopted as a textbook of economics at universities in dozens of countries, with many editions.

However, in 2019, a lecture that gathered the most new students beyond “Principles of Economics” by Professor Manchue was “The solution of economic and social problems using big data (Economics 1152)” that began in 2017. 'The solution to economic and social problems using big data' has become the most popular lecture, as the contents of its innovative classes have been published free of charge on the Internet since its inception.

At the time of writing, it was Professor Raj Chetty who was 39 years old at the time of writing that taught me how to solve economic and social problems using big data. After graduating from the University of Milwaukee in Wisconsin at the age of 18, Professor Chetley has served as an economics professor at prestigious universities such as the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University. He was then invited to Harvard University to remake the youngest professor of a lifetime professor at the School of Economics.

As the name suggests, “The solution to economic and social problems using big data” taught by such Professor Chetty is “the point that deals with big data” and “a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates the study of other fields in economics” It is located in The lectures based on the introduction of economics and incorporating the essence of statistics and computing are carefully watched so that they can be understood without any prior knowledge, and have a reputation for easy understanding. Also, the attitude of Prof. Chettie from India, who actively works on topics such as racism and equality of opportunity, attracts the interest and empathy of many students from around the world.

Professor Chettie and his lectures have come to the foreshadowed by lessons from the global financial crisis that started with the 2008 Lehman shock . Economists who have witnessed a rare financial crisis in recent years have come to think that classical economics is no longer valid, and look for ways to rethink economics from a new perspective. Under these circumstances, Professor Chettie's research, which brought in ideas that are not tied to traditional economic models and theories, became a target of interest in the blink of an eye, and was named 'the most cited young economist in the world' at the time of writing. I want to leave it.

The contents of the lecture 'Resolving Economic and Social Problems Using Big Data' are available for free on the Internet, and you can download the document as a PDF file or PPT file, or view the lecture on YouTube.

The following movie is Professor Chetty's 'Class 1: Geography of rising social status in the United States.'

Lecture 01 The Geography of Upward Mobility in America-YouTube

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