The woman who became 'super happy' appears because the parasite was in the brain

In recent years, the damage from parasites has become serious, as the Health Department of Hawaii warns travelers of the presence of parasites that inhabit the human brain . However, as a result of the craniotomy, a parasite from the brain tapeworms has been reported despite came out women became insanely happy and 'began to celebrate a life.'

Woman relieved after “brain tumor” turns out to be parasite |

Woman Had a Huge Tapeworm 'Egg' Encased in Her Brain. Why She's Super Happy About It.

A 42-year-old woman from New York, Rachel Palma, started taking unusual actions such as “dropping a coffee mug suddenly”, “can't remember words”, “call the late person” from around January 2018 It became like this. Parma, who felt something was wrong, visited the hospital and conducted a brain scan with MRI, and found that it had a marble-sized tumor in the brain. After many repeated brain scans, Dr. Jonathan Razuli, who works at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, told Palma that 'it may have a life-threatening malignant brain tumor.'

However, when surgery to remove the tumor was performed, it wasn't the tumor that doctors discovered in Parma's brain, but it was a parasite and tapeworm.

Dr. Razuri said, 'We applauded with great pleasure,' said, 'When I saw the tapeworm, I was very happy! It was a feeling like that. ”

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The cysticosis infected by Parma is caused by swallowing the eggs of the tapeworm beetle, which infests pigs. When an egg is hatched, the larva moves around various places in the body such as the brain, muscles, skin, and eyeballs to create cysts. Larvae can move anywhere in the body, but a brain with a large blood supply seems to be particularly favored.

Most cysticosis is transmitted by eating and drinking drinks and food with tapeworm eggs, especially in Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. The reason why the parasite arrived at Palma's brain in this respect is that it is a mystery even after tracing Palma's memory. Parma has never traveled outside the United States, and has never eaten uncooked meat. But Parma says, 'I stopped wondering, celebrated my life, and began to enjoy myself all the time, because it was removed in an instant.'

Doctors said, 'If we know that it is not the tumor that is causing the problem but the tapeworm, we have given a large amount of antibiotics as treatment,' admitting that it was not necessary to do a craniotomy if the tapeworm was However, Palma says that he is not dissatisfied with the doctor's diagnosis and surgery.

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'There is no doubt that they saved my life. They recovered my life,' said Palma.

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