Why do French farmers fill their fields with pants?

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In the northeastern part of Marne, France, farmers seem to bury their pants in their fields. This is not a such as playful acts of young people, the role of agriculture leaders in France Agricultural Chamber is that due to the instructions of.

Why are French farmers burying their underpants?-The Local

French Agriculture Chamber, 'over the period up to June 2 days from May 27, 2019 En terre ton slip do the unprecedented challenge that was entitled (fill your underwear)'.

The project says, 'Recommend farmers to bury cotton pants in the field'.

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The pants that were buried in the field from the end of May to the beginning of June will be dug up during the period from 19 to 25 August, when about 3 months have passed. By checking the dug-backed pants, check 'How long the pants were disassembled'.

You can see in a single shot the following movie to see what you really need to do to put the pants in the field.

Concours 'En terre ton slip' et teste ton sol-YouTube

The operation 'fill your underwear' is activated.

This is to test the biological activity of the soil.

100% cotton white pants are used.

Then dig a hole in the farmland with a scoop.

The hole for filling the pants needs a depth of 15 cm or more.

Fill in the pants so that they are flat.

If I put soil on my pants ...

Burial firmly.

The end is a pole that stands as a marker so you know where you put the pants.

The healthier the soil is, the more soil there are insects and bacteria for breaking down the pants that are buried in the soil, the health of the soil in the field will be. In other words, you can check the health of the soil by burying the pants in the field and decomposing it.

France is one of the world's leading wine-producing countries , and also has a top grape growing area. However, because a large amount of pesticides are used in the vineyards in France, soil malnutrition has become a serious problem, and in order to investigate the severe situation accurately, “filling the pants in the field from the agricultural conference” The instruction was given.

by Gabriel Jimenez

Surprisingly, it is not the first time for a French farmer to fill his pants in his field. The same 'fill pants in the field' project is taking place in Var, France in 2018, and it seems that 210 pants are buried in the soil.

In addition, the technique of filling the pants to check the health condition of the soil have been devised than that of 2017, was devised is a soil conservation Council of Canada ' Soil Conservation Council of Canada seems'.

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