'Mr. 監 ソ ー ス る oyster sauce fragrant Chinese-style yakisoba' that Ajiha and ace cock collaborated is that oyster sauce with oyster sauce taste

“Mr. 覇 ソ ース oyster sauce fragrant Chinese style Yakisoba”, which has been collaborated with “ Ahaha ”, a classic Chinese-style seasoning, and Acecock, appeared on May 20, 2019. I tried to eat it because I could enjoy the delicious flavor of oyster sauce and the sharp taste of pork soup.

廣 味 味 ソ ー ス oyster sauce fragrant Chinese-style chow mein | Products Information | Acecock Co., Ltd.

'Oki sauce fragrant Chinese style Yakisoba' is a package of inverted frustum like cup ramen. The huge letter 'Ahaha' attracts attention.

It is in charge of the writing business that sells “Ahaha” that Ahaha is used for seasoning. The pattern of the background is in line with 'Miha'.

Calories are 690 kcal per 150 g of a meal.

Looking at the ingredients, the sauce contains oyster sauce and Chinese seasoning (Ahaha). The order of the lines shows that the amount of Ahaha is not so large.

Open the lid and take out the seasoning with the kelp.

Put some redheads ahead ...

Pour hot water to the inner line. The amount of hot water required is about 650 ml.

Place the seasoning on the lid and wait for 3 minutes while warming.

After 3 minutes, throw away the hot water from the water outlet.

Add seasoning and mix well to complete.

This is how the completed 'Shinki 監 修 味 オ イ oyster sauce fragrant Chinese-style yakisoba' looks like this. There is a smell like oysters floating around.

According to Acecock, 'I added an accent with oyster sauce,' but when I ate it, the taste of the oyster sauce dominated the whole, rather than the accent. You can see that the strong oyster sauce flavor adds something to the taste of the Chinese style, but with the tongue alone it may be difficult to realize that it is Ahaha. The image of the source Yakisoba placed on the head and eats '!?', But it is a sense of discomfort, but the taste of the Chinese style replaced with the source taste matches the Yakisoba exquisitely. There were few in instant noodles, but the oyster sauce noodles also got the impression of being quite ant.

In addition, when I drank “Ahaha” soup for confirmation, I found that “Oki sauce fragrant Chinese-style yakisoba” used by Akira Shoji has a taste of Ahaha in the aftertaste.

“Everything used oyster sauce fragrant Chinese-style yakisoba” is sold at retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from May 20, 2019 2020, and recommended retail price is 230 yen. You

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