Does a whiskey expert overlook high-end whiskey with just the smell and taste?

The so-called “aqua vitae (water of life)” in Latin, whiskey is a popular alcohol drink worldwide, and some are affordable and some are expensive. With regard to such whiskey, a movie has been posted on YouTube that whiskey specialists will judge 'Which price is higher?'

Whiskey Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Whiskey | Price Points | Epicurious-YouTube

The whiskey expert, Heather Green , appeared.

Mr. Green will drink A and B whiskey and challenge him to check the rating of 'Which whiskey A or B is more expensive?'

The whiskey is transferred to a decanter so that it can not be determined from the bottle, and is transported to Mr. Green. The first problem is Scotch whiskey .

As soon as it's being carried, Mr. Green's tension is high with 'Fantastic!' 'I don't know the difference in color over the decanter,' Green comments.

Scotch whiskey is a simple whiskey consisting of three ingredients: water, yeast and cereal.

At first from check of appearance. A's Scotch commented, 'You look like a nice gold.'

Next is a check of the scent.

Mr. Green says, 'I'm affirmed, but it's very nice, it's a nice whiskey,' about the scent. It seems to have an orange flower and a light vanilla scent.

According to Mr Green, it is said that this whiskey is a 'single malt whiskey' characterized by using 100% malt, but in this case 'single' means 'made in a single distillery' Mr Green says that he is doing.

Next I checked B's whiskey.

With A and B whiskey, there is no difference in appearance.

Regarding the appearance of whiskey, “Tall timber and age may affect color, but the color is not determined by itself. Inexpensive whiskey uses caramel color to give it a sense of age There are cases, ”said Mr Green.

Mr Green sniffs the smell of B ...

Affirmed that 'This is a blended whiskey,' as it smells.

The reason is that it has a slight smoke and peat smell. Although Bled Whiskey is basically made by mixing single malt scotch of multiple distillers at the time of production, B whiskey used whiskey with a slight smoke or peat smell remaining in one of them and Mr. Green See through.

Finally to actually drink.

As soon as I drank A's whiskey, Mr. Green praises, 'It's wonderful.' Not only the plump flavor of oranges and butterscotch, but also insist on strong alcohol, it is easy to drink, and the remaining flavor seems to be wonderful.

On the other hand, Mr. Green who drank B said, 'That's ... this is a little different.'

'The taste of B is thin and does not remain in the mouth for a long time. It may be recommended for people who do not want to feel the taste of whiskey long before dinner, or who drinks whiskey for breakfast like me.' Of.

A whiskey that Mr. Green thought was expensive.

When you look at the results, A was $ 165 per 750 ml (about 18,000 yen) and B was $ 37 (about 4100 yen).

Correctly correct, Mr. Green shakes his arms and rejoices

'A was a wonderful single malt whiskey, but B was a blended whiskey,' he said.

The next challenge is rye whiskey , which uses rye as its main ingredient. Rye Whiskey is famous for Wild Turkey and Jim Beam.

According to Mr. Green's comment, the characteristic of Rye whiskey in the United States is that the strong scent of oak casks that rush into the nose strongly insists.

At first from check of smell. Mr. Green, who sniffed Lai whiskey from A, said, 'Good news, everyone'. The scent of Lai whiskey in A is highly regarded as 'the aroma of a complex and mellow herb (the aroma of a herb) is wonderful.'

Next, Mr. Green pours B. Rye whiskey into a glass and compares the appearance of A and B. Rye whiskey. There is a difference in the appearance of A and B, and B on the left side has a stronger caramel color. B Lai whiskey is also highly rated, 'I look like a long aged whiskey'.

Mr. Green, who sniffed B. Lai whiskey, said, “I feel the smell of herbs and white pepper etc. It is because of the matured aroma in the tar. I think the age of aging is quite young. '

Mr Green, as a generalization of the scent, 'I like both the scent of this rye whiskey. A has a scent of' this is lai 'and B has a rich scent.' I will comment.

Next time to tasting time. Mr. Green sip a bit of Rye whiskey from A and says, 'Your taste of the cereals of the raw material remains good.' Rye whiskey of A seems to be rye whiskey which balance of flavor of Tall and taste of raw material while Rye whiskey which the smell of Taru spoils taste of raw materials is also seen.

Next is B. Mr. Green gives up B's color again before drinking B's Lai whiskey. According to Mr. Green, 'The dark color shows that it has matured long. The fact that it has matured means that it is a luxury rye whiskey'.

Mr. Green, who drank B. Lai whiskey, acclaimed, 'It's a very strong texture, it feels good, there is a sense of luxury, and it's a great whiskey.'

Of course the answer Mr. Green chose is B.

Looking at the price, A was $ 40 per 750 ml (about 4400 yen), but B was a whopping $ 400 (about 44000 yen) and the price was 10 times different.

While expressing the pleasure that Mr. Green expressed correct, 'I think that A is good if I think about the price, I usually drink enough here,' said A's Lai Whiskey.

Next is Irish whiskey . Irish whiskey is a fragrant, light, easy-to-drink whiskey, and Green's favorite whiskey.

'Irish whiskey is often distilled three times, and you can enjoy refined taste and aroma,' Green says. Mr. Green poured A's Irish whiskey into the glass and started to check the appearance. A is a beautiful golden color, and it seems that the aging period has not yet passed.

Mr. Green, who smelled A, commented, 'It has a rich vanilla scent and a springlike lily of the valley. It seems to be matured with two kinds of wood tar.'

Next to B. There is almost no difference in appearance between A and B, but there is not much difference in the smell, saying that 'it may have been made in the same distillery'. However, Mr. Green said that the smell of B 'doesn't seem to smell so much.'

Next time to tasting time. Mr. Green, who drank A's Irish whiskey, said, 'It tastes like a mixture of sugar and honey with a floral scent,' and A's Irish whiskey seems pretty sweet. Mr. Green uses several expressions of meaning 'derived from heaven' such as ' Nectar of the gods ' in the expression of taste, and it can be seen that it is highly appreciated.

Next I will try B. Before tasting, Mr. Green commented, 'Because A was too delicious, I drank a little cheaper.' It seems that they already decided that A is expensive. When I drank it, 'It is not worse than expected. It tastes similar to A, but there is no complexity,' said a strict comment.

Of course Mr. Green chooses A.

Mr Green also praised the greatness of A, saying, 'If A is cheaper, I will buy it in the case! Well, even if it's not cheap, I will buy it in the case.' .

Anxious price, A is $ 104 (about 11,000 yen) in 750 ml, B is $ 35 (about 3900 yen). Mr Green is the correct answer.

'If you're looking for a great Irish whiskey, I would recommend a pot-still made whiskey'.

This time try Bourbon whiskey .

As soon as he saw the bourbon whiskey being carried, Mr. Green immediately replied, 'A is a darker color. That means that A is more mature.'

According to Mr. Green, Bourbon whiskey is whiskey that should be called American soul. 'The bourbon whiskey needs to have a corn content of at least 51%,' Green said.

At first from the scent. A's Bourbon whiskey seems to be 'a complex aroma that first senses citrus flavor such as orange peel and citrus, and scent of wood such as cedar wood and pine, and also tropical scent such as pineapple.'

Mr. Green said the moment he smelled B, 'It's completely different from A,' he said. B says, 'You can feel the smell of roses and carnations,' Green says.

Next is the taste check. A's bourbon whiskey seems to smell caramel and butterscotch from the stage which brought the glass close to the mouth. Mr. Green estimates that it tastes like orange candied when it's drunk, and probably matures around nine years.

B, on the other hand, has a taste like oiled marshmallow, which has a long-lasting taste in the mouth, and is a classic bourbon whiskey.

It seemed that she felt less confident than in the past, but Mr Green judged that A's whiskey was expensive.

Looking at the results, A's Bourbon whiskey was once again correct with $ 750 ($ 11,000) and $ 38 ($ 4200) for B.

Japanese whiskey appeared in the last problem.

Mr Green, 'I am surprised that many people, but Japan has been manufacturing whiskey for nearly 100 years,' said the introduction of Japanese whiskey.

'Japanese whiskey is different from the others in its commitment to its production. In Japan, we will continue to improve the manufacturing process, such as how to handle distillers and raw materials until good results are obtained. 'If you keep the same taste as it is ten years later, it will be a failure,' he told me.

At first from check of appearance. A's whiskey is a pretty light color.

The smell is 'It is not a very strong smell but the smell of lemon is characteristic'. Japanese whiskey makers, especially those from Suntory Yamazaki Distillery , seem to have a strong lemon scent.

On the other hand, B's whiskey is darker. The smell is so strong that you feel the smell before you bring your face close.

Mr. Green, who smelled the smell of B, exclaimed 'Lovely'. 'The honey has a slight vanilla and sugary smell. It is a wonderful smell,' said the comment.

Next time is the tasting time. A's whiskey is 'Scotch whiskey-like taste that is characterized by ease of drinking, with a younger age, with a weak but creamy texture.' The characteristic of Japanese whiskey is the complexity that the taste changes in two steps in the mouth, which seems to be felt in A whiskey.

Mr. Green, who took a bit of B, laughed out 'It's wonderful.' 'It smells like an orchard, but after swallowing I feel intense alcohol claims in my throat. Because of aging for many years or aftertaste like wood tannins . My favorite complex taste 'Is highly rated.'

Mr. Green, who judged that B had a longer age of whiskey and therefore had a higher price, chose B.

As a result, A was $ 45 per 750 ml (approximately 5,000 yen) and B was $ 200 (approximately 22,000 yen). 'B was a pretty upscale item,' said Mr Green.

'B's whiskey is great compared to the world's whiskey, and it's definitely worth $ 200.'

Correcting all the problems, Mr. Green concluded that 'I talked a lot about the smell, the texture and the age of aging, but there is no mistake in thinking that you love this whiskey.'

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