A flight simulator development company employee is arrested for allegedly smuggled a fighter's flight manual

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Employees of Eagle Dynamics , who developed flight simulators such as ' DCS: A-10C Wort Hog ' and ' DCS World ', were charged with charges of conspiracy and smuggling. The US government claims that its employees were trying to smuggling American military documents to Russia. Eagle Dynamics claims that game development and smuggling are irrelevant.

Russian jailed in US for 'buying F-16 manuals to help make flight simulator' — RT World News

Russian jailed in Weber County, charged with smuggling F-16 fighter jet manuals to Moscow | Military | standard.net

Although DCS World is a basic free-to-play fighter simulation game, it is so sophisticated that it may take up to a week to remember the takeoff and landing of the fighter , and the French Air Force Mirage 2000 It is reported that DCS World has been adopted as a simulator to train pilots.

The following movie shows how to actually fly Mirage 2000C in DCS World.

DCS World: Desert Warrior | M2000c-YouTube

Oleg Mikhaylovich Tishchenko, an employee of Eagle Dynamics and a Russian citizen, made the manual for the F-16 A / B Air Defense Fighter (ADF) sold on eBay at an auction site online at the online forum about the DCS series in 2016 I asked about how to buy from. This manual (PDF file) is strictly limited by the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Arms Trade Regulations (ITAR) and is strictly prohibited from taking out of the United States. Since the seller of the manual knew this regulation, they said that they can not ship to Russia. However, if Tishchenko could not give up, he asked how to get it on the online forum. Then, Kenneth Edward Sullivan from Texas who was a participant of the online forum cooperated, and Tishchenko got the manual by the method of 'sending to Moscow after receiving the manual which Mr. Sullivan made a successful bid for'. .


Mr Tishchenko was prosecuted in 2016 and arrested on 2020 from Georgia in the United States on charges of 'collusion against the United States, smuggling of arms export control laws and violations'. Also, according to law enforcement authorities, eBay's records show that Tishchenko has auctioned the F-16 flight manual to buyers from Cyprus, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and Taiwan from 2012 to September 2015. And. Mr. Tishchenko, who has no American citizenship, is considered at risk of escape, and at the time of writing, he was held in a prison in Utah. If guilty is finalized, it is expected that a sentence of over 10 years in prison will be issued. On the other hand, Mr. Sullivan, who cooperated, was allowed to postpone prosecution for 18 months, and all prosecutions were dismissed on May 15.

In fact, Eagle Dynamics was scheduled to deliver an additional F-16C block 50 mod for DCS World in 2019, but since it was canceled, fans may stop delivery due to this turmoil The voice of concern was also raised. 'We started an internal survey on employee behavior, but we did not have anything in our records related to the accused facts about him,' said Matt Wagner, senior producer of Eagle Dynamics. It was confirmed that resources were not used, export restriction documents were not obtained and stored in the company's system, and the relevant employees were involved in F-16 MOD development work and research. 'I confirmed that I did not have it' was announced on the online forum.

The Russian embassy in Washington, DC, suggested that Tishchenko might have been accepted by the US authorities and revealed that he would provide the necessary consular assistance to protect Tishchenko's legal rights.

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