For the first time in the world, a porn movie shot with a self-driving car

Advances in technology are making it possible for vehicles to run autonomously by computers even when humans do not hold the steering wheel. Under such circumstances, a porn movie taken in a car traveling with Tesla's autopilot function has been published and has become a hot topic.

These idiots shot a porno in an Autopilot-enabled Tesla and Elon Musk deserves some blame

Someone Shot a Porn While Driving a Tesla On Autopilot

The world's first self-driving porn movie, the world's second largest movie sharing site after YouTube, was published on Pornhub, the world's largest porn site.

The movie, about 9 minutes long, shows that a man who made a date for a date application with Tinder , a date app, is going to pick up a woman with a Tesla car. However, in 45 seconds, when they get in the car, the two leave the date and just act in the car.

The car will continue to run while the two are doing things, but the men are just putting their hands light on the steering wheel. With the autopilot function installed in Tesla's car, it is possible for a woman to sit on the driver's seat and a scene in which the woman is riding on the driver's seat, or even a scene where the man completely releases his hand from the steering wheel was.

This movie seems to have been posted at the end of April 2019, but at the time of writing, the number of views has already exceeded 5.3 million, and 'Tesla' has become a topic that appears to be the top search word on Pornhub. The porn actress Taylor Jackson, who appeared in the movie, is telling this pleasure on Twitter by sending a reply to Tesla's CEO Eron Mask.

However, Tesla on the official site 'Autopilot function is not yet a fully automated driving system' 'This function is intended for use by drivers who are ready to take over driving with the steering wheel in place' It says. In fact, the accident is caused by the driver's carelessness even while traveling autonomously, such as when the Tesla model S that used the autopilot function collides with a stopped fire engine.

Why couldn't the Tesla Model S autopilot avoid a parked fire engine? -GIGAZINE

'The autopilot function of Tesla may be canceled when a person applies power to the steering wheel of the car. The accident may be obvious when the driver's seat is hit. He strongly criticized that he did, and called those who were involved in the movie 'Idiots.'

Gizmodo asked Pornhub and Tesla for comments, but both did not respond.

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