The source code of the 1980s text adventure game is released on GitHub, including 45 works such as 'Zork' and 'Galactic Hitchhike Guide'

The source code of 45 works such as the 'Zoke' series of text adventure games developed by

Infocom and the 'Planetfall' series in the 1980s, and the 'Galactic Hitchhike Guide' based on SF novels have been released on GitHub.

historicalsource (Historical Source) / Repositories · GitHub

Gamasutra-The source code for Infocom's classic text adventures is now on Github

You can now download the source code for all Infocom text adventure classics | Ars Technica

This is due to the work of archeologist, Jason Scott . Infocom's games are all written in a LISP- like language called ZIL, and the manual 'Learning ZIL' to help understanding is available on the Internet Archive.

The released game is a game that Infocom is good at, and the player instructs the action such as 'go west' to the displayed text. Called 'text adventure' and 'interactive fiction,' Infocomm has developed and released games of this genre from 'Zork' released in 1977 to 'Journey' in 1989.

by Blake Patterson

This genre is basically text-based as the 'text adventure', and although there were games after which images and music were added, Infocom followed the old text-only style.

Infocom merged with Activision in 1986 to become a division, and in 1989 was closed as a division. Gamasutra, a gaming news site, points out that Activision owns Infocom's IP and 'can control' Scott's preservation activities.

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