Amazon and Google agree on dissolution, enabling mutual streaming service delivery


Amazon and Google were competitors offering competing devices and streaming services, and each other was taking steps to shut down the other's streaming device service from their own devices. However, on April 18, 2019, the two parties finally agreed to resolve their conviction, and announced that they were able to deliver mutual streaming services., Inc.-Press Room, Inc.-Google Announce Official YouTube Apps to Launch on Fire TV;

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Amazon and Google offer competing devices and services such as 'Fire TV' and 'Chromecast' media streaming devices, 'Prime Video' and 'YouTube' streaming services. Therefore, there is a feud between them, and in 2015 Amazon has come out as a means to stop sales of 'Chromecast'.

Amazon bans sales of 'Apple TV' and 'Chromecast'-GIGAZINE

In addition, in 2017, Google discontinued the provision of the YouTube official app on Amazon's Fire TV and Amazon Echo, and the conflict between the two companies was accelerating.

Two companies are accelerating their rivalry to force Google to stop offering YouTube on Amazon's Fire TV and Echo

Due to the femininity between the two, 'FireTV can not use YouTube official app' and 'Chromecast' and 'Android TV' can not use the Prime video app ', the user experience is made It was inhibiting.

However, on April 18, 2019, it was announced that the two parties reached an agreement to resolve the feud. Amazon and Google will make their official streaming service delivery app available on their devices in the coming months. In other words, the official YouTube app will be available on Amazon's Fire TV, and the Prime video app will be available on Google's Chromecast and Android TV.

Heather Rivera, Global Head of Product Partnership at YouTube, said, 'We are excited to work with Amazon to deliver the official YouTube app to the world via Fire TV.' You Also, Andrew Bennett, Head of Worldwide Business Development for Prime Video, said, 'We are excited to bring the Prime video app to Chromecast and Android TV to provide users with convenient access.'

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