The Sotetsu-JR direct line opened on November 30, 2019, and Hazawa Yokohama National Railway Station also opened simultaneously.

It was announced jointly by the Sagami Railway and JR that the opening date of the ' Sotetsu JR Direct Line ' to realize the direct downtown of the Sagami Railway is Saturday, November 30, 2019.

Urban railway convenience improvement project Sotetsu · JR direct line, Sotetsu · Tokyu direct line

This route was decided by the project in 2006 and will be realized after 13 years.

The appearance of the new model '12000 series' for Sotetsu and JR direct lines was like this.

Sagami Railway unveils a new model '12000 series', the image of the front is Nozomi's 'Linza Exit'-GIGAZINE

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