'Power Powman Manufacturer' that can reproduce clip art bean dolls of Office that finished offering

Regrettably, cliparts provided with Microsoft Office products have been discontinued on 1 December 2014. Avatar known as "power pioman" which had various dresses that was particularly useful in such clip art. It is "power propan maker " that you can freely combine hairstyle and dress like such power poman to create original power poman.

Powerpower Manufacturer

When accessing the above site, a screen will be displayed allowing you to select 5 types of "skin color" "clothes" "hairstyle" "wearing covering" "other tools".

After specifying the color of the skin and clothes etc, when power poman is completed click "Save image".

Since a page with only images is opened, right click and click "Save As" to save it in an arbitrary place.

File sizes vary from combination to combination, ranging from 30 KB to 120 KB. Since there are plentiful items to use, it was made possible to make power poman of various kinds of occupation.

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