What is 'the world's most dangerous cheese' that sales are prohibited by law and traded at high prices in the black market?

Cheese which is said to have more than 1000 kinds by raw material and manufacturing method is made from the Near East to Europe and it is said that there is a history of about 7000 to 8000 years. There are many things that have a unique smell and taste as individuality for cheese which is a fermented food, but among them there are too intense appearance and taste, and sales are prohibited by law from the danger that " World Great Big Story introduces the most dangerous cheese ".

This Rare Cheese Is Infested With Live Maggots - YouTube

"The most dangerous cheese in the world" is made in Sardinia region of Italy.

Simone Ibba who runs sheep farmers for three generations in the Sardinian region.

Ibba has raised 250 to 300 sheeps of the breed called "Sardinian sheep" ... ...

Using that milk we will make 'the most dangerous cheese in the world'.

Mix the enzymes that can be taken from the sheep's stomach called rennet to the squeezed sheep's milk, and stir it with the net many times.

Stuffed sheep's cards coagulated with enzyme power ...

Soak in the fridge after soaking in seawater.

If you continue drying and aging as it is, it will be cheese Pecorino Sardo, but Ibba adds another idea to this cheese.

A fly that stops at cheese. This flies called " cheese flies " aims to lose cheese, to lay eggs

And from the eggs that have been born it is born a mosquito, a flies larva. For those of you who do not know you can only see the insects as they are rotten and rotten, so "the most dangerous cheese in the world" is named " Carthus maltu " which means "rotten cheese" in Sardinia .

The appearance that thousands of maggots are wanting cheese is quite grotesque, but this maggot is necessary for cheese ripening. When Ugi insects eat cheese and secrete enzymes and discharge them outside the body, the fermentation of cheese proceeds at a tremendous speed and maturation progresses to a state which only looks like rotten.

Since the fat has been decomposed by maggot worms, which is finished with aging in about three months, the fat is so soft that it can not be grasped by hand and it is as tactile as a cream. For locals eating, pick up Kaas · Maltu with a knife ... ...

Painted like bread in bread, it is Pakuri as it is. According to Ibba, Kasse Marche seems to have "a spicy and tasty flavor and a scent like a burning bread". In addition, according to the person actually purchased and eaten in the local black market, "Feeling to melt on the tongue with a creamy feeling that does not feel cheese lump" "Feeling strong scent like ( Glueonzora · Piccante ) (of blue cheese ) "Delicious" "(Udji insect itself is bittersweet)".

In addition, it seems that it is good to match red wine to Kasu Marutu. Carstein Marche is a delicious feast for sheep farmers in the Sardinian region and is said to be acted at special times such as weddings and birthdays. Before eating cheese it is said that you like to remove the maggot worms or eat every maggot!

However, it is not because it is simply shocking that Carstone Marut is called "the world's most dangerous cheese." Larvae of cheese fly can not be killed with human stomach acid, and it may pass through the stomach and live in the intestine as it is alive. Therefore, there is a fear that the maggot worm eat the intestinal wall and break the ileum .

Also, at the moment the knife is put in the cheese, the maggot worm jumps and enters the eyes and it is recommended to put on goggles when unfamiliar people eat. Due to such food safety issues, the sale of Kaas-Maltou is prohibited by national law. In order to eat Kasu Marutu outside the local people, you can either get it from the local residents or get it in the black market of mobile sales. However, it is said that the terminal price in the black market will be two to three times as much as ordinary cheese.

It is a dangerous cheese that is prohibited by law, but the residents of Sardinia, including Ibba, are making Kath Maestu to eat themselves. "Most people do not know how to make Kaas Marutu, but I, my grandmother, my grandfather and my uncle all know how to make it," Ibba said.

"It is wonderful to eat the raw ham and melon in combination with Kaas and Maltu", Ibba introduces how to eat Kath Mautu, the movie is over. People who care about the taste of Kaas-Marche, please go to Sardinia region and negotiate with the local residents.

In addition, there are cheese which breed mites by breeding mites called " Milbenkese " in addition to cheese which breeds insects on purpose. However, unlike Curt Maltux where sales are completely prohibited, the sale of Milbenkese is legally gray and it seems that there is no negative health impact, especially if you eat every mite.

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