How do you enjoy the charm of Puerto Rico, such as the city of Arecibo Observatory floating in the sky and the cityscape of San Juan with Insta? [Interlink domain island tour 2nd '. Pr']

Next to St. Martin, where the plane flies over the head, will go to Puerto Rico, 'visiting a domain island.' What does Interlink find out as we continue to focus on about 50 types of island domains, such as '.cc' and '.tv' that we see often?

◆ What is Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is located in the north-eastern Caribbean Sea and is now an autonomous federal district of the United States. In Spanish, 'Puerto' means 'port' and 'Rico' means 'rich', and when Christopher Columbus visited on November 19, 1493 It is said that it originates in what cried out.

◆ Welcome to the vivid old city
San Juan , Puerto Rico's largest city and government office location, is said to still have some of the 16th-century buildings still in Viejo San Juan (Old Town). When you arrive in the old town, the temperature is about 30 ° C and the sun is very strong.

If you look at the building, you can certainly feel the history somewhere in an ordinary house. It looks pretty beautiful in the colonial style , and the color of the outer wall and the contrast in the sky are good, so you can take beautiful pictures anywhere.

Then I moved to a place called 'La Puerta de la Bandera' (gate of the flag). The following image is a modern art drawn on the wall of a vacant house by a local artist, and is now one of San Juan's leading Insta bright spots.

The historic cityscape of the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be explored with the free trolleybus .

You can see the scenery of the old city from the 360 ° spherical image taken with ' RICOH THETA V ' from the following.

◆ We wait for a reply from space at the Arecibo Observatory floating in the sky
I heard that there is an astronomical observatory with a huge telescope in the suburbs of Puerto Rico, so I will take a taxi from San Juan.

We arrived in a city called Arecibo in about one hour. The road from Arecibo to the observatory is to go downstairs, but on a narrow road where one car can finally pass, you will be completely lost.

Therefore, I met a local man who got on the pickup truck at the right time, and to explain it and to lead. I was able to get back to the right way safely.

After a while, I saw a spectacular gate where the guards stand. Although there was no shooting permission near the gate, I was able to enter the facility. Admission signs and explanations are written on the signboard, such as $ 12 for adults (approximately 1351 yen at the rate at the time of article production) and $ 8 for children and seniors (approximately 901 yen for the rate at the time of article production).

On the way, signboards warn 'Do not use mobile phones'

Signboard saying 'Do not bring food or drinks into the building'

There was also a sign saying 'Have fun!'

Follow the long stairs and slopes ......

When I decided to climb and climbed, a huge structure was in front of me.

A huge structure is supported by 18 strong wires and floats in the sky. The following images are 5 of them.

So we arrived at the Visitor Center of the Arecibo Observatory .

It was decided to get off the world's largest position by the completion of China's 500-meter spherical radio telescope (FAST) in 2016, but the Arecibo Observatory was built in 1963 and will be released in 2016 until the world's largest. It was known as a radio telescope.

I'm going into the visitor center right away. Entrance fee is $ 12 (about 1351 yen at the rate at the time of article production).

The visitor center is two floors high and has a theater.

Here, you can enjoy the exhibits that have been studied at the Arecibo Observatory and exhibits related to physics.

When I went outside, I saw a structure hanging from a thick wire.

This is the radio telescope of the Arecibo Observatory. The huge structure suspended earlier in the wire is this telescope. By the way, it is said that it is suspended at a height of about 150 meters from the ground.

When you zoom in, it's also the most powerful thing in the world. By the way, the Arecibo Observatory was a shooting site such as ' 007 Golden Eye ' and ' X File (Season 2) '.

The reflector under the radio telescope looks dirty from age.

Arecibo Observatory appeared in 'X file' with the setting 'Arecibo Observatory received signals from extraterrestrial life'. The reason is this ' Arecibo Message '. It looks like a dot picture at first glance, but it is a radio message that contains information such as the population of the Earth at that time. Arecibo Message was sent from Arecibo Observatory to the astronomical object “M13” located at a distance of 25,000 light years in 1974 as extraterrestrial intelligence exploration.

However, it may take 25,000 years for the message to reach M13, and there is no reply from space yet. Although the facility is aging, it has been found that the Arecibo Observatory is still waiting for the reply from the aliens.

Now that I have reached the Arecibo Observatory, I will take a snack while watching the radio telescope.

The Arecibo style hot dog with fries on top of the hot dog is about $ 1.75 per bottle (about 197 yen at the rate at the time the article was created).

There are play equipment that can taste ice skater feeling in the center, but it is recommended that you eat before meals if you want to experience it.

The Visitor Center also has a souvenir shop called Galaxy Shop.

There is a line of goods that you can only get here, so check it out when you visit.

In fact, the Arecibo Observatory was scheduled to be closed in 2011. In addition to the annual budget being reduced from $ 150,000 to $ 8 million from 2008 in November 2007, it is also announced that it is scheduled to close. However, the change was made to a system centered on SRI International , and escaped closure. However, it is reported that the annual budget of $ 8 million will be reduced to $ 2 million in April 2017.

In February 2018, the Florida State Central Florida University (UCF) is negotiating the handover of operations management with the NSF, and from April 1, 2018, $ 250,000 (approximately 2.15 billion yen) We announced that we will start operations for more than 5 years with the funds ', so it will be decided to survive for more than 5 years, but when we visit the site, there are very few Japanese people or tourists themselves It was a situation. If there is a reply from the universe, it will last longer, so if you have extraterrestrial intellectuals who are reading this, please reply as soon as possible.

From the following, you can see the Arecibo Observatory floating in the air with 360 ° celestial sphere images.

◆ Mofongo is a dish with over 100 flavors
Puerto Rico has a dish called ' Mofongo '. In general, it refers to fried bananas for cooking and then crushed and added with spices and solidified into a circle. However, since the seasonings differ depending on the shops provided, it is no exaggeration to say that if there are 100 shops, there will be as many flavors as there are. This time, I went to eat Mofongo, a shop called “ Raíces ”, which was shocked to see a flyer.

The store is made like a movie set.

Mofongo seems to be drawn to the background that the food brought by African immigrants is its roots.

I will order soon. There was no Mofongo on the Grand Menu, so I showed the clerk a picture and completed the order. The first thing I came up with is a regular banana chip. It is not sweet because it is a cooking banana, and it is dipped in a garlic sauce and eaten. When I eat it, I feel like damp potato chips.

A few minutes later, the target 'Beef and shrimp mofongo' arrived. The price is $ 30 (about 3379 yen at the rate at the time of article production).

The beef harami steak is filled with mofongo, and it's a great match when eaten with a rich sauce of mushrooms and onions. Shrimp on top of it is preripuri, and one can enjoy various textures on one plate.

There were many occasions to eat mofongo in Puerto Rico, but this shop's mofongo was exceptional. As there is not only the visual impact but also the volume, please be aware of those who eat less.

◆ Festival of circus style
After eating, I caught the information that the circus came to a square in the city, so I decided to move immediately. When it arrives at the target square, it is already dusk. Many spectators had already gathered.

From the following, you can see the state of a large number of people who gather to see the circus in a 360 ° spherical image.

By the time the main event started, it was quite night. First of all, I handed the instrument to two customers.

This is a participatory program where the audience sounds the instrument. A circus man with a bell on his head is giving a signal to the audience in tune with the music. In the Latin style rhythm material, the open space is a big laugh.

There were no thrilling events such as bears riding bikes, stomping on elephants, watching over tight walks, and so on, but this is a circus-like festival that attracts locals. I felt like I said this is Ali. It was different from what I expected, but I enjoyed the local experience not listed in the guidebook.

You can see the circus in one shot from the movie below.

Night Circus (Viejo San Juan)-YouTube

The leader of the circo Fest (Circus) smiled and said, 'If you come to Puerto Rico you have to enjoy the night!'

◆ Discovering shops with the origin of the cocktail 'Pigna Colada'
The cocktail 'Pinha Colada' is made by mixing coconut milk and pineapple juice based on rum. The taste is good, it has a very fruity taste and is a cocktail with many fans, regardless of gender. The birthplace of such Pina Colada is, in fact, Puerto Rico. This shop is genuinely true , ' Barrachina ' of the home.

Outside the shop, there is a plate that shows that it is the main house.

The first thing I got into my seat was the drink server. Well, the contents are all Pina Colada.

The ordered Pina Colada has arrived. The price is $ 7 (about 788 yen at the rate at the time of article production). It looks pretty with tropical umbrellas and sunken cherries. When I drank it, it was in a moderate frozen state, so it instantly cooled all the heat stored in my body. You can also make a rum drink, so people who are not good at alcohol and children can enjoy it at ease.

In fact, the welcome drink of Raíces which ate mofongo was also Pina Colada.

◆ Welcome to ICANN!
ICANN 's 61st meeting was held from 10 to 15 March 2018 in Puerto Rico. The venue is the 'Puerto Rico Convention Center', close to the old town, an exhibition hall that can accommodate approximately 17,000 people.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Yoran Marvey, CEO of ICANN, is giving a speech.

There are simultaneous translation booths within the venue, as Internet operators from different countries gather. You can listen to the meeting in several languages, but unfortunately there was no Japanese.

After a while, a traditional salsa show will be introduced as an introduction to Puerto Rico, and the venue will be in a spectacular mood.

After the opening ceremony, a 5-day meeting will be held along the established program.

We do not have a meeting all day, and we have coffee break once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This is what the drink section looks like.

The snack corner is lined with fruits and sweets. Such coffee breaks are often held at overseas conferences.

The free time was quite free, with people coming back to the room and people visiting the sponsor booth.

◆ To the booth of domain '.pr' of Puerto Rico
There are several types of Puerto Rican domain ( ccTLD ) such as “.pr” “” “”. This time, I went to the booth of the '.pr' registry that hosted ICANN 61.

Two people in charge of the booth. When talking about the domain, a man with a nice smile from behind comes up.

It was Mr. Pablo Rodriguez of '.pr' Registry Vice President. 'The price of the '.pr' domain is high, but it's a safe domain that's less used in spam!' By the way, '.pr' is available for 162,000 yen including tax for one year in Gombeeh domain. In the case of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we also heard that the extension of the renewal period was extended to prevent the revocation of the “.pr” domain as a remedial measure for Japanese users affected by the infrastructure.

The '.pr', launched in 1989, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2019. Since '.pr' is also used as a domain that promotes PR (public relations), I look forward to what kind of PR it will be.

Access to Puerto Rico is here

Puerto Rican domain '.pr' is here

(Text and photo: Interlink
Visit the domain island )

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