Headline news on November 1, 2017

Cup noodle exclusive cooker Nissin in the shape of Jomon pottery "Jomon DOKI ★ DOKI cookerWe will release it on November 6, 2017 (Monday).

Jomon DOKI ★ DOKI cooker | Nissin Food Group Online Store

"Jomon DOKI ★ DOKI cooker" that it took about half a year to finally be finished, will send out the wonderfulness, interest, and depth of the national treasure widelyNational Treasure Support ProjectAlthough it was announced in September 2017 in a form that agrees with, it seems that Nissin will really sell. "Tokamachi City Museum" certified, "Seto core business kiln" humbly made, represent the Jomon in the tradition of Tewaza "comb draw", is so there is like 8 Tsunokodawari.

Jomon DOKI ★ DOKI cooker is sold at 59,800 yen including tax and started selling on November 6, 2017 (Monday) at 10 o'clock. It is limited to 15 rare items by handmade by craftsmen.

Jomon DOKI ★ DOKI cooker | Nissin Food Group Online Store

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Google Chrome succeeded in speeding up 15% using Microsoft's "PGO" technology - GIGAZINE

Super Computing Center which refurbished the church of the 19th century - GIGAZINE

The world's first to find carbon nanotubes from the lungs of human children - GIGAZINE

I went to "Hangar-7" which can enjoy free Red Bull founder's aircraft · race car collection - GIGAZINE

Switching from iPhone to Android is unexpectedly easy - GIGAZINE

GIGAZINE secret club 1st off-club event report & key note rough version by editor-in chief - GIGAZINE

How to Make 'Brains That Feel Happy' - GIGAZINE

I tried to make potoff with bacon & sausage of "proget" transcending the dimension of bacon - GIGAZINE

Tailor-made chocolate chocolate "Michirol" arrived, so I tried to eat my original taste - GIGAZINE

"Macquarium" which made a colorful iMac aquarium as it is - GIGAZINE

"Tomomi Mami" To the end on December 28, various kinds of things realized so far - GIGAZINE

Successfully erasing the memory of the mouse involved in "fear", a new possibility for treatment of PTSD - GIGAZINE

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"Monster class" gigantic planet in a small star, discovered 600 light years ahead Research photos 2 international news: AFPBB News

Discover the world's largest Tsuburugi fossil in Mongolia, The University of Tokyo | National Geographic Japan Edition site

Primatologist Jane Goodall was born thus | National Geographic Japan Edition site

Discover essential differences between glass and ordinary solid - Computer ... | Press Releases | Tohoku University - TOKO UNIVERSITY -

Why Tonosana frogs are not observed? Seasonal organisms are not covered by 2020 in Matsue 8 consecutive years unconfirmed (1/2 pages) - Sankei WEST

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Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE): "Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)" Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) "Kill all 9 people in 2 months,

It is said that 7 out of 9 people are women who met on the Internet and 2 and they were a couple of acquaintances. The agency conducts a DNA appraisal of the corpse and is confirming the identity.

9 bodies of Zama, suspect "money or obscenity purpose" and a statement: Asahi Shimbun Digital

From 22nd August to 30th October, there is a doubt that the corpse unknown body was damaged at home apartment, hidden in the cooler box by putting something like cat litter on the toilet. Three cooler boxes and five large storage boxes were found from the room, of which seven to nine heads, bones such as legs and arms were found in large quantities.

Dead in an apartment "All 9 people killed after moving in late August" Descriptions | NHK News

"Since I moved to the apartment in late August, I killed all nine people I never killed a person before moving, I tried to throw away the bodies but I could hardly throw it away because I thought they could leave." I understand by the interview with the Metropolitan Police Department what I have stated as such.

Before the incident, my father "has no meaning even if I live" - ​​Kyodo News 47 NEWS

"A woman killing was around 20 years old, there was also a teenager" - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Nine people in the bathroom "Can be destroyed from the second person in one day" by suspected abandonment - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

The apartment's room, older brother who tracked down and found it on the net: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

CNN.co.jp: North Korean hacker group, design drawings of Korean warships etc. Obtained or Republic of Korea

Trucks in New York died eight pedestrian attacks - BBC News

CNN.co.jp: Track runaway in Manhattan, 8 deaths Mayors of NY "act of terror"

CNN.co.jp: Memorized from NY car runaway car, "For ISIS"

Trump president, car crash criminal mentions "IS a crazy person" also referred to IS Photo 2 international news: AFPBB News

"I got up even in NY" = Citizen and others shaking in car rushing terror - Halloween dark circle: current affairs dot com

Nankai Trough "New Information" Today's Issue to Start Operation | NHK News

The Japan Meteorological Agency will begin the operation of new information to evaluate the possibility of the occurrence of a huge earthquake on the entire Nankai Trough from the 1st. Although it will be announced when an abnormal phenomenon is observed in the Nankai Trough, etc., The country does not show enough about the disaster preparedness to be taken by residents and municipalities, and it will be a start in the face of problems.
"Information relating to the Nankai Trough Earthquake" will be canceled by the Japan Meteorological Agency on the premise of the prediction of the Tokai earthquake that is supposed to be done so far, and will start operation from noon on November 1.

There are two types of information: "extraordinary" and "regular", of which the information on "extraordinary" is not predictive but is announced when evaluating whether the possibility of occurrence of a huge earthquake is increasing compared to normal I will.

Specifically, when an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 or more occurs along the Nankai Trough, or when a device called "strain gauge" installed in the Tokai area observes a different change than usual When a phenomenon occurs, we will announce the first information and let you know that we started investigating whether it is related to a huge earthquake.

And when we evaluate that the earthquake experts' evaluation meeting on the earthquake along the Nankai Trough raised the possibility of the occurrence of a huge earthquake, we will announce further information and call for the preparation.

"Egashira" Which took off all at 2:50? Arrested man under public denial suspect - Nishinippon Shimbun

At the time of arrest, the man said he was drinking alcohol with his acquaintance and was disguised as Mr. Egashira, although he did not possess tights. An investigative official said, "It may have been an exposure to 2:50".

The rent of Asakusa Nakamise shopping district screamed up 16 times and the shop screamed, but the rent is 20,000 yen | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Integrated | Yamaguchi-gumi "Happy Halloween" Assignment Candy Distribute

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I suffer from "ideal poverty" ... Are real parties neither smart nor live? - withnews (with news)

A Chinese clerk is confused ... "Customers of mass-electronics mass merchants" Japanese, every day? - withnews (with news)

News Up How long have you been learning your child? | NHK News

What if my child is Down Syndrome? - Selection of Mr and Mrs who received prenatal diagnosis - Yahoo! News

In recent years, in many students wear a plain black suit to job hunting, new graduates kun appeared in recruitment suit of navy blue - "black plain to a job interview from his father was said to be funny," the identity of the father? - Togetter Summary

If I thought that my brother who is "house dust allergy" can not be cleared up living alone → suicidal behavior erotic comic development was waiting - Togetter Summary

"I will not hand out children" Confession of young pedophiles - BBC News

Education Reform Challenged by Public Middle School (1) Chiyoda Ward Kojimachi Junior High School · Yuichi Kudo Interview with Principal WEDGE Infinity (Wedge)

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Sony quietly revived as follows: 【2ch】 Copipe Information Office

Amazon, the number of employees surpassed 540,000 people More than the population of Iceland | Forbes JAPAN (Forbes Japan)

Municipality DotCom Local portal site for local government "municipality dot com" management commences bankruptcy procedure decision | Teikoku Databank Co., Ltd. [TDB]

Panasonic President "It is not a situation where you can make an upward revision with an opaque factor" ... miscalculation with batteries for Tesla | Response (Response.jp)

"Because Tesla is struggling to launch" Model 3 ", the production of batteries exceeds the production of batteries, and we can not produce any more batteries," says Tsuga. For that reason, we switched the use of the batteries for storage and produced batteries for storage batteries.

Began offering a new optional service set with a door-to-door notification function with "NURO Hikari" | Notice | Sony Network Communications Company Information

Adobe's strategy as an AI company (main part) | Fukatsu Takayuki (fladdict) | note

If you try to raise AI with cloud images, Google Photo and Facebook are basically only uploaded photos. However, Adobe oligopolizes creative production tools. Therefore, through the cloud, the work process itself can be learned. This is the fundamental strength of Adobe's AI.

Stack Overflow: Helping 1 Million Developers Vim Termination Method | Programming | POSTD

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Toshiba, Mr. Sazae To the descent ... CM offering 48 years, by streamlining - entertainment society - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

Nyanya Nya Mario Time 101st ("Super Mario Odyssey" etc.) - YouTube

What are "revolutionary games" for you? : Game lazy news

Toshiba, Mr. Sazae giving to the desk boarded CM for 48 years, with streamlining - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

TV animation "Hakusaku Shikugaku Encyclopedia" Tiza PV - YouTube

The topic "Azur Lane" is managed by only 10 companies! As the president embraced "sense of incongruity in the current Gacha culture", the appearance ratio of SSR will be 7% 【interview】

"Tetris Effects Game that Muffed the World" - HONZ

And Tetris misleads not only the player of the game but also a lot of people involved in its development and business. Some people literally have their destiny crazy. Alexei Pasitnov who was a person who produced Tetris but could not enjoy its success for a long time. Genk Rogers who is the creator of Japan's first fantasy RPG "The Black Onyx" and will bring Tetris to Japan while tracing a fateful fate. This book depicts the fact that various tactics were brought about Tetris with the tales of these two people as the axes, such as Robert Stein and Kevin Maxwell, who will compete with Tetris' license for Genki with Genk .

Official pain mark sales plan "Idol Master Cinderella Girls" - Pain Bridge

Board game 'Luther's religious major reform' introduction Summary - Togetter Summary

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Dodgers reverse win with reverse winning! Scouting with Maeken good relief, entrusting to the 7th round Dal | Full-count | Full Counting - Baseball · MLB's comprehensive column site -

Thinking from Darvish's misunderstanding, differences in US-Japan sports media | Sporting News

Tanaka Shogaku's monopoly intense white Part 1 Major 4th year suffering from up / down malfunction / resurgence / remembrance - East sports -

- Proceeded from wild card to league championship series. Every time I played the game the team got stronger and I saw something mature

Tanaka: Well, I do not think that it is still mature. But this year I think that next year is important because there was such a form. I wonder if it is genuine or real. I think that it is a time when the real value is questioned also for the whole team.

- Then, when you throw at the Yankees next year. Although it is drawing attention whether to opt-out (contract destruction)

Tanaka: No no, what are you talking about? (Laugh) Whatever it is, it 's like Tojo so it will be forgiven. Can not you answer me? It is no comment.

What is the difference between Japan and England. Fostering the world's most advanced in the U - 17 World Cup. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Like England, England's work was "Training original without breaking down traditional weapons". Speaking of England, it is a style that cuts the opponent with a physical football and a speedy body.

While fusing it as a "unique culture", it fused the ball position. I grasped the opponent's battle situation and searched for a direction to collapse with a more efficient approach such as interwoven delay and haste.

FIFA will consider establishing the "World League"! Do you implement it due to the abolition of friendly matches? | Football King

The other day, the establishment of the national team's competition "UEFA Nations League" by the European Football Federation (UEFA) was announced. It is to remove the friendly game which has been done so far and to do league warfare by the national team of Europe.

On the other hand, it is a serious problem for countries other than Europe. It loses the opportunity to compete against a strong country, and there is a possibility that each national team will be greatly affected.

FIFA is thinking about a plan to set up a "world league" from 2019 with the aim of solving those problems. It is said that the national teams of the whole world are divided into three divisions based on the FIFA ranking and will play a league game over a year.

[Japan] Representatives than Honda et al. Topics ... Voice of doubts in SNS to the Urawa 5 Fellows of the ACL Final in the middle 3 days: footballnet [Football Summary]

SAUDI ARABIA delegates 10 players from Al Hilal ahead of European expedition member ACL final

[100 women selected by BBC] "Treasure" Japanese tennis world Date Kimiko Date - BBC News

WBC announces rematch negotiations with Yamanaka on allegations of doping of Neri - sponach Sponichi Annex Battlefield

Fuji "Junk SPORTS" Regular revival for the first time in 8 years January next year, also a new project - Sponichi Annex Entertainment

[Additional notes] Watanabe Mayo Graduation Concert of AKB 48 Mayu Yowota who died 10 days ago, Operation graduated from "Mr. Pompom Mayu" and gathered the front row seats, words of gratitude and memorial gathered → The autographed CD - Togetter Summary

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【Sukiya】 "Mushrooms and Asparagus Beef Bowl" 11/7 (Tue) limited time sale from 9: 00 | Sukiya

"Potato chips glue triple" which used 3 times as much glue as "Norishio" New release from November 6! | Calbee Co., Ltd.

~ Lotteria x 'Colonization Friends' Collaboration Project - 'Kimono Friends Satisfaction Set' Limited sale from November 16, 2017 (Thursday)! | News Releases | Lotteria

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