DJI's drone "Mavic Pro Platinum" how quiet was real machine reviews

In September 2016, a compact and portable drone "Mavic Pro" appeared from DJI famous for drone such as "Phantom". It is a drones that got a very high reputation because of its good stability and controllability and the installation of an automatic tracking shooting system called "active track". And in October 2017, the new model whose sound became quiet by extending the flight time from its "Mavic" series "Mavic Pro Platinum"Has appeared. I was able to borrow from DJI, so I quickly skipped it and tried it.

Mavic Pro Platinum - for a longer time, more quietly

The last review of "Mavic Pro" is from the following. Functions such as compact body of the aircraft, active track etc. remain as before.

Drone "DJI MAVIC PRO" review with auto tracking capability "Active track" that can also take self-shot review - GIGAZINE

There was a handle on the box. It seems to be useful when carrying around like a box.

In addition to the controller and the main body open, in the lower left is the power supply cable for charging. All parts are securely fixed, so you can safely carry it.

From "Mavic Pro" to "Mavic Pro Platinum" the shape of the tip of the wing has changed. It gets thinner as you go to the tip, and only the silver part is bent toward you. Here is the change point of the shape that you can see by brief.

You can see that when you look at the wings from the side it is twisted.

When you turn on the main unit and remote control, it is connected automatically. "READY TO GO" was displayed. I will skip it quickly.

So I paid the movie from take - off of the drone to landing. After rising and descending, we are flying in front of our eyes. Although it is truly a drone, it is not quite quiet, but I felt it was at least quieter than a vacuum cleaner.

How quiet is the DJI's dragon "Mavic Pro Platinum"? - YouTube

According to the official said it has reduced noise by up to 60%. Also, because the high frequency sound is getting smaller, it has never happened that the ear tired even if listening for a while.

When the remaining battery level of the drone main unit falls below 10%, a warning "LOW BATTERY" appears and automatically returns to the departure point. It took about 35 minutes to show "LOW BATTERY" from the start of the first flight because it took off and landing repeatedly. The official flight time is 30 minutes.

The old model 'Mavic Pro' is currently sold at 129,800 yen, and the new model 'Mavic Pro Platinum' is sold at 14,000 yen, which is 15,000 yen higher than that. Given that the flight time has increased by more than 10% from 27 minutes to 30 minutes, if the price rises by about 10%, the hand is likely to extend towards the new model. However, if you already have an older model, it is wonderful whether you are worth enough to transfer. In addition, two batteries, a charging hub, a storage bag was set "Fly More Combo"Is also available and the price is 188,800 yen. 【Domestic Genuine】 DJI Drone Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo Noise Reduction 4 dB Flight Time 30 MINS: Home Appliances / Camera

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