Headline news on February 14, 2017

A French smartphone maker "Wiko", which operates in 33 countries including Europe, Africa and Asia, has entered into Japan, and on February 25, 2017, an entry-class smartphone "TommyWe will release. The first Tommy to introduce into the Japanese market is three different colors of Breen, Flash, Red and True Black, and Cool Gray, San Yellow, Hot Pink will be added in the future. The CPU is equipped with a 1.3 GHz Snapdrgaon 210 quad core, the memory is 2 GB and the storage is 16 GB. The market estimate price is 14,800 yen without tax.

French smartphone venture Wiko 1st entry into the Japanese market "Tommy" released on Saturday, February 25

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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Mercury handmade chocolate sold out too much profit wwwrot www: spare time \ (^ o ^) / breaking news - livedoor blog

Google Street View, shooting the forbidden land in Osaka "This is rumor ..." "Google Tsui" - Togetter Summary

Explaining Mori Ogai 's "Maihime" at a high school girls' students are almost like this, but the story that they can forgive when they know the actual place - Togetter Summary

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Poop to cosmetics and nurseries, using feces of animals | National Geographic Japan version site

Detected at the deepest part of the trench at the depth of 11 kilometers at the water depth 1 Ocean research photograph International News: AFPBB News

The mystery of the universe birth, the power hypothesis overturned Kyoto University School of science 20 graduate research: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Toshiba, postponing the announcement scheduled today for one month Survey at "internal report" over the purchase of the primary US company Necessary - Sankei News

Toshiba Shiga Chairman resigns | NHK News

The loss of Toshiba Rice Nuclear Power Business is expected to be 712.5 billion yen | NHK News

Toshiba postponed the announcement of financial results, announced the power word "inappropriate pressure" following "challenge": market situation 2-story kabu Kabu

Backstage behind the APA protest demonstration, what kind of people participated | Lee Komaki (R · Komaki) | Column | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Russia: Named to the Northern Territory Kojima To the Japan protests against Japan against Japan Ochiai Mainichi Newspaper

Burlington also suspends Ibanka brand online sales | Reuters

Dam damaged in California, evacuation order to 190,000 people: International: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

A hole in the nation's highest dam, more than 180,000 evacuated, 5 photos | National Geographic Japan version site

Nikon is in the final deficit, applicants who wish to retire are 1143 people Precise 7 companies settlement - Sankei news

In Nikon, sales of lens interchangeable digital cameras, interchangeable lenses and compact digital cameras all declined from the same period of the previous year. Faults were found in the IC for image processing, and we decided to cancel the release of the compact digital camera "DL series" that was postponed.

1143 applicants wish to retire from the end of January this year, and plans to record about 16.7 billion yen of expenses, such as retirement allowance, as an extraordinary loss in the fiscal year ending March 31,

[Trump president started] "President of Flynn US resigned" resigned CNN talks with Russian side before taking office (1 / 2page) - Sankei news

DMM Kameyama 's profitable philosophy "I do not know the business I hit but I know I can not hit it" | Nikkan SPA!

Convenience adult magazine: Cover on extreme cover ... From this summer Chiba - Mainichi Newspaper

CNN.co.jp: Valentine's ban in Pakistan "It is contrary to the teachings of Islam" - (1/2)

Women and married policeman women and wedding reception Ogura Kita station inspection officer, disciplinary action - Nishinippon Shimbun

On the same day as the wedding party, the police chief asked for help by telephone, saying that his relatives were "confined" and so on, the surprised relative was 110. A policeman ran a fuss and the problem became clear.

Director of married patrol officer, incompetent partner and wedding ceremony Dispatch: ceremonial dispute: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The police chief received a reduction in payment on February 9 due to "inappropriate association". The inspector's office room is said to be "not a criminal offense such as marriage or fraud." For reasons why the case was not announced, "The affair is not to announce each time."

Gakuen "garbage removal 100 million yen" National estimate is 800 million yen State-owned land purchase: Asahi Shimbun Digital

President Flynn resigns President's aideside | NHK News

Hiroshima to close the only high-quality cement plant in Japan | NHK News

Be familiar with an unpleasant banner advertisement, Beigle of the comic Kingdom going to the listing: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Mrs. Akie gets approved in honorary principal Osaka New Construction Elementary School in just one month | Daily Gendai DIGITAL

Stalker perpetrator, more than 60% receive treatment rejection rate 25%: Asahi Newspaper Digital

'Beef bowls watching movie love emotions' arrested woman with stalker - Kyodo News 47NEWS

I was not acquainted with men, I was figuring out the address of a man from a video. A man posted a video and earned advertisement income.

World new record achieved with new competition "1500 m Beef bowl"! It is! - YouTube

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KEISUI ART STUDIO | The candle of the marble pattern is made with the principle of Kintaro syrup.

US magazine Playboy revives nude "Nakedness is normal" - BBC News

Small 5 · 6 English, subject = subjective learning introduction - draft revision proposal · MEXT: current affairs dot com

Elementary school requires compulsory programming education to acquire logical thinking skills.

Is that store that is strong after all? I made a national force chart of the home center - Togetter Summary

【Startle】 Toyota employee's lifetime is too horror and topics wwwwwww: philosophy news nwk

~ The lifetime of Toyota employees ~

· Joined Toyota and entered a single dormitory
· Buy a Toyota car inside company
· Sweat at the cheap gym at Toyota Benefits / Welfare Facilities
· Shopping at supermarket operated by Toyota Cooperative
· Meet at a love event organized by Toyota labor union
· Make a wedding ceremony at a ceremonial place operated by Toyota Cooperative
· Enter Toyota's cheap company house
· Children will be born at Toyota operated Kariya Toyoda General Hospital. To receive a celebration
· Build a home at Toyota Home
· Family trips to recreation centers throughout the country of the Toyota Group
· Toyota and Chugoku, let children advance to Kaiyōgakuen established by JR Tokai
· Child goes on to Toyota Industry University established by Toyota
· Your funeral will be held at the funeral home managed by Toyota Cooperative

Looking back at the bath, shampoo and the size of the room, the history that Japan became rich ~ ~ Can you become "poor with everyone" again from here? - Togetter Summary

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Prototype amber sugar chocolate with marble pattern.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Today is Valentine's day · handmade chocolate on parade

Overseas real estate boom of five years ago to a ruined condo - Malaysia · Johor Bahru Overseas real estate Mecca? Or maybe the vacancy is the cause of the problem? Starting with Investment 1 | 1 Introduction to novice investment trusts

Helicopter "50,000 yen", to deter reckless climbing ... Saitama Prefecture: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

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Use AI in a company to go forward. Real estate and investment industry, choosing glasses | Harbor Business Online

About the closure of a special tea shop and the relationship with SNS - Takamimon

People who abbreviate "JavaScript" as "Javasque" - Adventure

Dark DevOps DevOps and Performance Evaluation - Medium

Real-world artificial intelligence @ DeNA TechCon 2017

Personal application developers but I tried phone support - Ume no blog

Amazon EBS Update - New Features Elastic Volume Changes Everything | Amazon Web Services Blog

Rakuten is considering a partial relocation to Silicon Valley | Slad

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Artificial intelligence becomes "berserk" when it seems to be beaten by the game: Research result | WIRED.jp

HideoTube (Hidechu) No. 06: Northern European treasure Mats Michelsen Feature - YouTube

Sale of "Humble Freedom Bundle" with more than 40 titles including "The Witness" and "Stardew Valley", protesting President's policies | AUTOMATON

Shinku speed which became a constitution that I can not enjoy even something even if I purchase the game any more - VIP

"PS 4" presents "GO! GO! LINEUP! RAKUGO!" # Banvox # Shunbutate Ichinosuke - YouTube

"Musou ☆ Stars" 2nd PV - YouTube

Taniguchi Jiro died on the 11th.
Someday I was prepared for this day to come, so the shock when I received the death was not that big.
But if I had worked normally for a while with that phone off, my cold and heavy feeling spread from my stomach ...

Masayuki KuzumiPosted byFebruary 13, 2017

【Complete 3D Reproduction】 Why did it make it RPG. "Tamagawa River housing" love spoken by topic 'housing estate online' producer

Mini animation "Asjo shin-heki" # 06 - YouTube

【本 宣】 One week after releasing his debut work, Ranobe who was pronounced "There is no continuing publication" was Kindleized from Dengeki Bunko so I want to share my regrets and learning as a writer - Kindou

Koichiro Soyama interview - love korokoro comic, loved by korokoro comic - interview Mamba

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Resident Evil Vendetta - In Theaters Nationwide Summer 2017 - YouTube

Director · What is Zidane's football? I asked my teachers Delvoske. - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

[J League] "Number ranking announcement by prefecture number"! First place is Tokyo's 159 people

89: Nameless 24 o'clock 2017/02/14 (Tue) 13: 27: 54.98 ID: oOO + y 7 D 80
1 place Tokyo 159 people Population 1362 million people
2 place Kanagawa 148 people Population 990 thousand people
3rd place Saitama 114 people Population 715,000 people
4th place Osaka 110 people Population 8.86 million people
5th place Chiba 99 people Population 6.15 million people
6th Shizuoka 76 people Population 3.75 million people
7 place Hyogo 60 people Population 5 570 thousand people
8th Fukuoka 49 people Population 550 thousand people
9 place Aichi 41 people Population 7.26 million people
10th Hiroshima 40 people Population 2.75 million people

Cerezo Osaka Releases Image Diagram After Reform of Kingfis Stadium Stadium Name is "Sakura Stadium": Domestica Blog

"Saki - Saki-" directed by Yuichi Konuma Director Interview The real secret of real life is "think about the visual, eros, not century" the core of the story "| SPICE - entertainment specialized information media spice

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Rich grape carbonated beverage "Welch's" grapeful sparkling released on February 21 (Tue) | Asahi Beverages

Chikuwa is hot and why is it tasty? It is! Kibun no Chiku and Lake Ikebaya 'Columno' collaborate with each other! "Columno Chikuwa" New release from February 27 (Monday)!

"Meisei noodle shop mind compelled cheese Miso Taiwan Ramen Tai Sheng" (released March 13) | Akashi Foods

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