The website for the model is sued as not warning "Rapists are watching the site"

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A website for the model said from the female model suffering from rape as saying that the warning was not given to the user "the rape criminal is likely to be watching the website to look for the next target" I have been sued.

Website for models can be sued for not warning users about rapists | Ars Technica

A model web site was sued by a female model that two men who saw the site took rape and obscene photos. In this lawsuit, the 9thCircuit Court of Appeals"We do not exempt the legal responsibilities of the website" is declaring.

The website for the model sued this time is the site "ModelMayhem" to match the model with the cameraman. Two men who saw the site held an audition for fake model in 2011 and raped a female model that participated in this. And the female model of the rape victim complains to ModelMayhem that he is not warning that "the rapist is likely to be watching the website to look for the next target" and this appeal is approved It is in the form of.

Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem

In the San Francisco 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, three judges unanimously decided to appeal the female model. The plaintiffs' side complained that "the omission of warnings is due to carelessness, Internet Brands (the parent company of ModelMayhem) is not responsible as a publisher". In response to this decision, Internet companies such as Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, etc. are reacting, "Such a judgment has the effect of shrinking the web."

Also, in the lawsuit, Internet Brands neglected to "warn the customer of dangerous situation" of California State law, but the Internet Brands side said, "When a rape criminal looks at the site and targets We are trying to raise an appeal against the former owner of the site because we did not convey the information that we are sorting out ".

There are also two men who are rapists committed charges.

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