Experience 25 hours of continuous experience in the VR space that will be the Guinness World Record, and what happened to the players?

When installing a VR headset, the virtual reality space that is realistic as if it is felt as if it is real is covering the sight. GIGAZINE editorial staff tooGear VR and Oculus RiftI played about 30 minutes to an hour or so, I feel sick and I am experiencing the condition that my feet will fluctuate after playing. A challenge to the Guinness world record of playing such a VR headset for 25 hours is done, and the state of the player from the start to the end is contained in the movie.

Making Virtual Reality World Record History - YouTube

It is the American movie writer who challenges the Guinness world record this timeDerek WestermanMr. "A lot of people have already experienced the VR world for a long time but it is not enough to reach the Guinness World Record so I want to establish a new record."

HTC Vive is used for playing 25 hours.

"When I play VR for 25 hours, I'd like to ask the experts, how long have you played VR?" Westerman says.

Damien Blythe who invented this project to reply "It's about 1 hour and half at maximum."

Mr. Blythe who was asked "What will happen if you play for 25 hours?" Answered "Seizures, vomiting (fatigue), fatigue, the damage to the eyes".

Westerman says "I wonder if it all happens to me ......" I am worried about my future.

Playing VR is a room of an apartment where chairs and sofas are placed. It is OK even if standing from the chair or walking around. Westerman says "100% preparation OK, let's get started ..."

We started counting 25 hours to establish the Guinness world record.

The game you are playing is an application that can draw on the virtual reality world with a controller.

One hour has passed and Westerman rising up from the chair. I heard that the passage of time is very late.

I paint color here and there and I am killing time, but I am already beginning to feel bored.

It got dark all around, but it has only been 2 hours.

It seems that it is effective to paint a small art work to kill time.

Three hours passed and the remaining 22 hours.

While lying down, I operated the controller and said, "I am making snow, shoe shoes."

When 6 hours passed, a change was seen in Westerman's appearance. When asking "What's wrong?", He said "I want to pee."

Because we can not go to the bathroom while wearing the wired HTC Vive, it is a stoic scene that adds a bucket in the room.

Nine hours have elapsed, the time is completely late night.

There seems to be a rule that it should not let go of the controller, and meals are eaten by the staff.

Time goes on and on and the rest is exactly in the morning at 8 hours remaining. Then, Mr. Westerman began to be "Uu ... ...."

"I feel sick ... Someone, bucket!"

It seems that influence has begun to appear on the physical condition more to vomit.

It will be in the VR world for four hours remaining and 21 hours on end. I hear a whip voice like something ......

Mr. Westerman who crowded on the floor said, "I do not know where I am, I do not know where I am" was a voice repeating.

Mr. Westerman who regained calmness murmurs as "honestly a bit scary."

I asked him to massage his shoulder and finally he regained myself.

Finally, the end time approached, the staff all made "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... ..." and the countdown was done ......

Among applause applause, Westerman was able to become "the man who played VR 25 hours in the world for the first time in the world."

Westerman, who removed the headset, is getting tired, but he says, "I am very happy, but this challenge was abnormal."

Westerman left a comment, leaving a comment saying "I gotta do it!"

After that, Westa-man said "The next day I experienced VR for more than a day, my brain was still confused, I feel my room is like a virtual reality, still feel strange It is continuing. "

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