"Sukukora · 96 Deco · Dynamo · 3 K" Buki Icon "made a splendid illustration of all Splatoon's Bukki

Popular Ika Gee "Splatoon"Has a different bucket type from Shooter, Blaster, Roller, Hood, Charger, Spiner, and Slosher, from which you can find out the perfect buki with your range, sub weapon, special weapon, etc. added I can do it. It has made me publish such a wide variety of Buki into a beautiful illustration as "Buki icon(INK WEAPON ICONS) ". The producer@ Sta_ 2 ndIt's fun to just watch it as my illustrations, my favorite buki, hate dynamos and liter 3K, even sub-weapons and specials.


Click the icons at the top of the page to find your favorite Buki with "Buki icon". This is a row of shooter, blaster, roller, hood, charger, spinner, slosher, sub and special from the left.

For example, when you click "shooter", shooter type buki that can be used in Supatoon as squid are slurred. There are 28 shooters with the largest number among the buketypes.

For example, this is a "splash shooter" that is a raw push. It was developed after the big Naawari battle, it seems to be an improved Buki which everyone can use for ease of use. Good combining of exhilarating main weapon performance and exhilarating "Quick Bom" of throwing ponpons is addictive and good.

Overwhelming popularity"Splash shooter collaboration" which seems to be an illusion that everyone in the battle seems to have a user. Mainbeki is the same as "Splash Shooter", a combination of Cuban Bomb, which is perfect for clearing and attacks on high grounds, a super shot that buries a faraway enemy in a moment and a main / sub special is pretty heinous. While thinking "This combination is cramped!", Stable results are sometimes used when using it, but it is also a loud and complaining bukki.

"52 gallons" is also a popular shooter type bucket, with the same ranges as the splash shooter system, but the attack power is high although the shot power is inferior.

This is ".52 gallon deco". The deco series is decorated with something like a rhinestone on a normal looks distinctive.

This is ".96 gallon deco" which also has many users. Long range range · High power bullet · Splash shield useful for defense in various scenes · Astonishing combination of rhinoceros which exerts outstanding power in all scenes such as attack and escape. If you think using it as "it looks great!" It seems necessary to get accustomed unexpectedly that bullets are scattered, ink consumption of the shield is too much, or something chasing enemies with giant squid is lost.

"Bold"Or"Thunder God Step"Kalismabuki boasts popular cultural popularity to some believers, such as" bold marker ".

The strongest Buki theoryAlthough it is called, "H3 Reel gun" which is also famous for its very difficult handling.

There are nine kinds of "blaster" which can strike a wider range than shooter with one ink bullet because released ink can be played in the air.

"Hot blaster custom" alias Hockas.

"Nova Blaster Neo" that appeared at the end of October and increased the number of users at a stretch. A combination of a main bucket with high power and easy to use while having a short range, a sub splash bom that compensates for the short range of the main buck, and a special bomrush that can remove the surrounding enemies. Anyway I see a lot in Gachiyagura.

This is a "roller" that rolls on the floor and applies ink. There are only 7 types of rollers in all and fewer than the blaster.

Among them, "Dynamo Roller" is especially noteworthy. Buki that you can release a large amount of ink in a wide range with a swing of surprise while surprisingly slamming. If the experience is the Splatoon user, there should be anyone once if the dynamo roller waiting in front of you looks at the moment when you are killed slowly like a running lantern when you turn the corner. Or there is tremendously good.

It is a subspecies of the roller, and "Fude" with the high speed movement & Sepuku attack is three kinds in all.

This is "Pablo". When I first appeared, many users were surprised with too much different feeling of use with other buki, but users are gradually decreasing, and recently the "Hokusai" range has been extended but slower than Pablo I often see the impression.

And "Charger" characterized by long range is 13 kinds in all. As a bucket type it is the most next to shooters.

Among them, "Ritter 3 K" is still troublesome. Even among the charger, it enters the range of long range, while the sub has Quick Bom that can also be used for battle at short distance. As soon as it approached quietly, "You must clean up the troublesome liter 3K first!", You should have experienced many people who were murdered with Quick Bomb.

This is "14 type bamboo cylinder gun / instep." The speed of charging ink is very fast, characterized as being able to fire with Passpasson enough to not be regarded as a charger, and it is a fun buki when used. It is said that Atarijima command is a legendary weapon that he used to patronize long time ago, and the staff that the commander has in hand also looks like a 14-style bamboo cylinder gun.

All four types of "spinner" with range of length and shooting power were ... ... but newlySupra Spinner CollaborationHas appeared.

Among them, "barrel spinner" is probably the most popular. It is a common scenery that a barrel spinner loaded with human speed winks over the net of Masaba Strait.

A bucket, "Slosher" has 4 kinds in all.

Among them, "Hissen"Great success at the Splatoon Koshien Kinki GamesIt was a great success in the limelight. Even though I think that the Slossier line is longer than I expected, even though I think it is "plenty of time to spare!", There are times when the footholds are painted and solidified, and Basha is done at once, after the defeat "Alle?" There is something to chew.

And a list of "sub" with each one on each buki. There are 10 types in total, ranging from attack to defense, even to full support.

Boy that throws poised and sticks to the ground and the wall is "Cuban Bomb". Sometimes it gets cut by Cuban Bom which was installed before unexpectedly, but it is just a little cute with a look like a look that looks like a bad performance.

"Splash shield" lets you shield the enemy's attacks. Although it is troublesome that the attack does not pass when it is used, if you can defeat the enemy before the shield is set up, you can spill a smile without thinking "Huhuhu."

And there are 4 kinds of "special weapons" which can be activated by painting a certain amount of floor. Actually, there is also a special weapon called Bomurushu.

"Super shot" will be able to defeat enemies far away in a moment. Although it feels awkward when used by an enemy, when you try it, it is weak against obstacles and shots are drowned out before arriving at enemy's position.

It becomes a huge squid of invincible state, and it can attack by jumping freely even within the ink of the opponent "Daiwa squid". Attack / escape It helps in various situations, but since it is a squid state, it will pass through the net.

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