Circle K Sunkus's New Dessert Three Types Taste Review Using a New Mokan "Shonan Gold" Featuring Refreshing Sweetness and Bitterness

"Golden Orange" and "Wenzhou Mandarin" are mixed, and the fruit that the Kanagawa Prefectural Agricultural Technology Center developed over 12 years old is "Shonan Gold"is. Since desserts using valuable Shonan Gold which are only available in the market only for about a month in spring are sold at Circle K Sunkus since May 26 (Tuesday), I bought it and tried it.

Product release using "Shonan gold fruit juice source"! | Product Information | Circle K Sunkus

I bought 3 kinds of new products using Shonan Gold.

First of allShoan South gold rare cheese"(240 yen including tax) I will eat from.

At the top of the package there was a sticker stating that it was awarded the Excellence Award at the "Food · Action · Nippon Award 2014" merchandise department.

The calorie per piece of "rare cheese of Shonan Gold" is 215 kcal.

In addition to materials of rare cheesecake such as natural cheese and eggs, raw materials can be confirmed to contain Shonan Gold Sauce, Orange Juice etc.

Opening the lid and looking at it from the side, white overflowing mousse and cheese cream overlap on a dark orange jelly.

On the cheese cream sauce was contained Shonan gold juice sauce and powdered sugar.

Let's eat cheese cream and sauce first. Cheese cream is a smooth mouthfeel and finished with a strong acidity. It is said that the source contains 53.8% of Shonan gold juice, there are citrus fresh acidity and bitter taste like grapefruit.

Fromage mousse is a smooth mouthfeel like rare cheesecake.

Jelly with Shonan gold juice is less sweet than the marketed oranges jelly, it has a bitter taste with a bitter bitter taste.

As we continue to eat, it turns out that "Shoren gold rare cheese" is a four-layer structure of cheese cream, sponge dough, fromage mousse, jelly with Shonan gold juice.

When we tried eating by scooping up 4 layers at once, the acidity of cheese cream and fromage mousse appeared in front, and the refreshing flavor of Shonan gold well complemented the taste of thick cheese. Plain taste sponge fabric was fluffy, it was sandwiched between cream and jelly and it was accent of texture.

continue"Shonan gold puff cream"(150 yen including tax).

Picture of Shonan gold and illustration of Shonan Gold Promotion Council are printed in the bag.

Raw materials of "Shouman gold puff cream" also include orange juice and Shonan gold sauce.

The energy per cream puff is 233 kcal.

It is small puff with a small height.

Try cutting it in half like this. In the shoe fabric, there are two kinds of creams, white whipped cream and whipped cream with light yellow shonan gold juice. Whipped cream with Shonan gold juice seems to be a custard cream at first sight, but it has a slightly citrusy sour scent.

When I try to eat, whipped cream has a strong milk flavor, sweet and rich cream, but a refreshing flavor has been added by combining whipped cream with Shonan gold juice, so even in the hot summer season it will be easy to eat porku It was finished in a cream puff.

continue"White sand (Shonan gold & whip)"(125 yen including tax) I will eat. This product is displayed in the bread corner of Circle K Sunkus, it seems to be a "sweet bun" rather than a dessert.

Shonan gold cream and whipped cream sandwiched in white bread.

Milk cream and Shonan gold flower paste etc can be confirmed as raw materials.

Taking it by hand, this size is about the size of fast food hamburger.

As soon as you open it, you have plenty of whipped cream and shonan gold cream like marmalade.

Whipped cream sandwiched between fluffy dough and dough is as thick and sweet as cream puff. Shonan Gold Cream tasted like bitter taste by suppressing the sweetness of marmalade and combined with the peculiar smell of citrus fruits, the whole bread was finished in a crispy flavor. It looks good for breakfast and treats.

Both desserts are sold in limited quantities.

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