It is about 10 million years ago that mankind handled alcohol

ByDavid Kaczmarek

Human beings started agriculture from hunting and food stocks became possible, and human beings were able to obtain stable food. "Fermentation of fruits and plants in the process"alcoholIn the present age, beer is produced from wine and wheat from grapes. It was believed that such alcohol was invented for the first time about 9000 years ago, but human beingsHappy hourAbout 10 million years agoMioceneResearch results have been announced that it started from the era.

Human ancestors developed a taste for alcohol 10 million years ago - LA Times

University of Santa FeMr. Matthew Carrigan, a biologist of biotechnology, says the results of a study confirming "at which point humanity acquired the production capacity of intestinal enzymes to degrade alcohol"Bulletin of National Academy of Sciences(PNAS) to announce it. According to research, the team said "Class IVAlcohol dehydrogenase(ADH 4) "is present in the intestines of primates.

According to a research conducted by Mr. Karigan's research team, it was found that abundantly found ADH 4 having the function of decomposing alcohol in tongue, esophagus and stomach from within the gorilla body said to have differentiated from human being about 10 million years ago It was. A similar trend can be seen also for chimpanzees and Bonobos with ancestors of the same species as humans. For that reason, we can not sustain alcohol's "sickness" with orangutans · gibbons · baboons which do not have ADH 4 production capacity. In other words, if you eat gorillas or fruits fermented by chance by human family's ancestors, you may get drunk, but orang-utan hunger is to avoid fermented food.

About 10 million years ago, as a hypothesis that Human family's ancestry was living with alcohol, about 10 million years ago it is in the middle stage of the Miocene, a human family that lived in the East African tree due to rapid climate change The ancestor of living began to live on the ground, began to eat the fruit that fell to the ground, not the fruit which is made of wood. Because some rotted plants have fermented plants, it is thought that they have understood the sense of "sickness" obtained from stepwise fermented fruits.


In addition, Madagascar's unique species that seems to have differentiated from human beings about 50 million years agoAiayAlso has the production capacity of ADH4. Since Ayei is staple foods such as fruits, sap, and nectar, it is considered to have improved production capacity so that even if fermented, it can be eaten. Although drinking is poisonous to the body when drinking too much, it is also a fact that it can make you feel fun to relax your daily life. It is only human, gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo, and eye eye that you can understand this feeling.

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