"Cloud Face" collecting "faces" discovered in clouds using automatic face recognition function

ByPhil Dokas

For cameras mounted on digital cameras and smartphonesFace recognition functionIt is possible to distinguish whether an object reflected in the camera is a human face or not by algorithms. Because it does not recognize the living body, a large Buddha or a doll may be recognized as a human face, but a project to gather photos of clouds in which "face" was detected from clouds flowing by the automatic face recognition algorithm "Cloud Face"is.

Shinseungback Kimyonghun

The face found was like this.

Which part was recognized?

It was a torn cloud in the middle. There is no visible cloudless blue sky part.

The face found in the clouds at dusk is seen as a faintly smacking face.

I found out from a cloud in another blue sky,Just like Albert EinsteinA face.

From the cloudy sky you can see an angry face with a sharp contour.

A face likely to dignity. It certainly is not surprising that the face recognition function works.

The face picture gathered from the clouds is combined into one piece like this. It is a project to calculate human vision and illusion by computer, but if you look at the clouds, you may be able to enjoy a different sky than usual if you point a camera with face recognition function.

Also, I worked on this workShinseungback KimyonghunIs an association artist of Mr. Shin Seung Hun and Mr. Kim Hoon who are active mainly in Seoul, Korea. In addition to this, we are making works that make use of algorithms, the following are "human face recognition algorithm"OpenCV"Cats recognized as humans" and "cat face recognition algorithm"KITTYDARHuman who recognized "cat"Cat or Human"is.

Shinseungback Kimyonghun

The faces of people recognized as cats look like this. It feels like a cat if it is told.

This is cats recognized as people. It is a cat if it is said to be a cat, but the algorithm has judged them as human beings. The cat on the lower right looks a little tactile look.

In Shinseungback Kimyonghun's website that creates various works in this way, there are otherWork with a slightly different attemptYou can see.

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