Unlimited USJ New Area "Hogsmead Village" to Shop for Magical Goodies in the World of the Film "Harry Potter"

July 15, 2014, finally the new area of ​​USJ (Universal Studios Japan) "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter"Will open. In the new areaHogwarts castleIn addition to being a student at the Hogwarts Magic School of Magic School is allowed to visit when it is a third grade "Hogsmead VillageIt is reproduced, you can experience and enjoy shopping.

What is Wizarding World of Harry Potter? | Introduction of attraction park | USJ

The visitor of Hogsmead village is greeted by the Hogwarts limited express that will carry the students of Hogwarts Magic Magic School to the school. By the side, the conductor is luffing and will respond to the commemorative photographs pleasantly.

Hogsmead village is like this and snow is piled up on the roof.

Here is zonko's "mischievous specialty store", you can purchase a wide variety of mischievous goods in the store.

Inside the show window is an ornament of a gauge · lozenge.

In Hogsmead Village, various shops are lined up across a large street.

Below the roof where the owl is standing crowded ......

It is Dhabish and Bangs who can purchase the equipment required for Hogwarts magic magic school uniforms and stationery, Quidditch.

Ali is also wearing uniforms at the Hogwarts Magic Magic School.

A moving wanted order appeared in a prisoner of Azkaban is standing in the street.

I discovered that I am taking a walk in Hogsmead Village, the world's first shop Gradolagus magic fashion store. Here we sell accessories and jewelry that express Harry Potter's view of the world.

Tomes and Scrolls of Hogsmaid village 's bookstore can not do shopping by observing the inside only by the appearance.

This big building ......

"Oliverder's store" Harry purchased a staff for the first time.

In Oliverand's shop, models of various sticks used by Harry Potter's characters are sold,

Also, in the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", Harry who was preparing to enter the magic school can actually experience the scene "Harnesses choose wizards" experienced by Harry. There is no doubt that it will be impressed if you are a fan.

"Dogweed & Deathcap" ......

Strange cactus and ... ...

Mandrake was exhibited with terrible characteristics that people who heard the voice when drawn were died will die. Mandrake is crying, so be careful not to listen to your voice.

You can purchase robes, ties, mufflers etc at the magic shop "Wise Acres Magical Supply Store" handling all kinds of magic equipment such as binoculars and compasses.

Here is a letter from the shop delivered by postmarking "Hogs' meado" Owl Fly & Owl Ouya "

There are also other restaurants such as "3 brooms" that appeared in the movies, "Hogs · Head · Pub", and "Honeydukes" which can purchase magical sweets like bean paste beans, etc. will be reported later .

Details of Honeydukes that can purchase magical sweets can be confirmed from the following article.

"Honey Duke's" "Honey Duke's" and "Zonko's Naughty Specialty Store" selling such as bean juice beans, frog chocolate, sour peloper acid candy etc. are like this - GIGAZINE

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