I tried using "shoes saver" which shines the smell of shoes by irradiating ultraviolet rays

Of ultraviolet raysUV-CTo destroy the DNA (nucleic acid) which is the heart of bacteria and virus by directly irradiating it, the item that eradicates the smell of shoes by eradicating proliferation is "Shoes saver"is. From the familiar way of sun dryingWasabi, lemon, rest of the coffeeThere are various methods that are considered good for the deodorization of shoes, etc, but I tried using the shoes saver to see how effective it is.

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This is the package of shoes saver. "There is a smell that you definitely do not want to sniff," but it is quite a strong impact ... ...

When turned inside out, it became a package conscious of women, "Beautiful legs! Ultraviolet radiation with girls' power!

In addition, although there is a sterilization deodorizing effect, it can not be used for the human body.

The shoes saver irradiates is ultraviolet radiation of 253.7 nm (UV - C), which is contained in sunlight but is absorbed by the ozone layer and does not reach the normal ground. It is ultraviolet light harmful to the human body which is dangerous because of the destruction of the ozone layer in recent years. The irradiation illuminance is 1500 uw / square cm or more, the lamp power is 2 W, the lamp life is 8000 hours.

Maximum battery life is about 3 hours, the main unit has a 10 minute auto off function installed.

Shoes saver has one body and two pieces, and two items purchased this time. An instruction manual was included in the box.

It is 150 mm × 44 mm × 23 mm, easy to carry.

Compared to iPhone 5s this much.

Looking from the side like this. The weight without batteries is about 60 g.

Power button on the side of the main unit. Long press to turn on the light.

The figure of ultraviolet light in the center of the main body.

For use, four AAA batteries (sold separately) are required.

When I actually irradiated the light, it was shining blue in the dark. Living organisms including bacteria and viruses are constantly proliferating, but when direct irradiation with UV-C used in shoe saver destroys the DNA (nucleic acid) which is the heart part of the fungus and virus, it will stop growing It is possible to remove bacteria as it can be done. Therefore, it is ineffective against odors derived from ingredients, materials and chemicals, and it is effective only against odors derived from bacteria and microorganisms. Please be careful not to see light at close range during light irradiation or to not irradiate light on the skin.

So, I can not wash it, I will experiment with leather shoes and boots that are easy to smell.

Long press the button for 3 seconds, put the shoes saver in the shoes with the light on.

The position of the shoe saver is that it can be sterilized and deodorized more effectively by irradiating it with a little slippage.

Irradiation is automatically turned off in 10 minutes, but even if you are irradiating a cowhide boots for 10 minutes with light, you can not feel any difference. In the case of leather shoes, the smell of the skin and the smell of bacterial origin are mixed, obviously this is a smell of bacterial origin! If it does not have a level of odor that you understand, it may be hard to understand the effect due to the smell mixed.

So, next time I will challenge using sneakers. When I sniffed before light irradiation, it smells of pure, it smells pure legs.

Put shoes saver in one shoe and irradiate ultraviolet rays.

I irradiated the back of shoes ......

Change the position and irradiate the front side to enhance the effect.

Irradiation 10 times in total. Because I irradiated another shoe several times before this, the light of the shoes saver has become weak completely. Because I irradiated only this, something different ... ... When I tried smelling it, what is it, there was almost no difference in smell.

Let's try with other materials, so the next is a damp dry towel. It is a mechanism to kill bacteria and take a smell, so it is reasonably to be effective against damp dry towels and laundry.

I cover the shoe saver with a towel and irradiate ultraviolet rays.

After the light turns off automatically, does the smell disappear ...? I thought that, when I tried bringing my nose closer to here, there is no big difference. I thought that my nose was strange, I tried three editorial staff to try it, but there was no difference between irradiated and not irradiated. Even against a damp dry towel, it seems that it does not exert its effect with irradiation of ultraviolet light once.

Besides this, I tried with some shoes such as leather shoes, long boots, sneakers, but I can not feel any particular difference. The only thing I felt as "When the Indian leather shoes in the following pictures were irradiated," I felt the smell got thin? "What I can clearly say is that surprising effect can not be obtained by irradiation once about. However,SterilizationThat the effect is recognized,Amazon reviewsConsidering that there is a certain person who feels the effect, there is a possibility that microbes not irradiated by gaps and shadows of irradiation may exist, etc., taking time and taking time to gradually remove the smell It may be given to me.

In addition, the shoes saver which became two sets becomes4097 yen including taxis.

2013/10/11 14:35 Addendum
Sell ​​shoe saverForce MediaWhen asked with customer support, the shoes saver is not a function that acts on a certain smell, but it is a shape that prevents the occurrence of smell gradually by decreasing bacteria on a daily basis, so in that sense deodorization rather than deodorization It can be said that it is effective. It is hard to get about the odor that already got in the shoes, so it seems to be effective to use it on a daily basis using relatively new shoes.

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