The country's pornographic website top search word of the world, Japanese ranked first in China

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Yahoo! JAPAN 2012Search word rankingSo, the names of online services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon dominated the top, but what about the popular search word on pornographic sites? BuzzFeed watches the world's number one pornographic site search word No. 1 movie "The World's Top Porn Search Terms"With trivia in each country.

The World's Top Porn Search Terms - YouTube

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At the beginning of the movie the message "Do you understand the most searched words on popular pornographic sites?" Was displayed. The movie progresses in question form.

Which words are most searched by Internet users in California state in the United States in pornographic sites? A "Milf (milf)", B "Asian", C "Massage"?

The correct answer is Asian of B.

Also, in California, stores that operate sex actsMassage parlorIt is said that the number is the most in the United States.

There are 3419 stores in California where massage parlor is about 4.5 times bigger than big city New York.

Which words Romanian net users are most searching on pornographic sites are A "Peek Shows (Live Chat)", "B" Romania ", C" Mom & Dad (Mama & Papa) "?

The correct answer was C's Mom & amp; Dad.

Also, although it does not matter at all, the fountain pen is a RomanianPetrache PoenaruHe was invented by Mr. in 1827.

The words that Ukraine's net users are searching for on pornographic site No. 1 are A "Raincoat (Gay)", B "Public (Blue Kan)", C "Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) "Which one is it?

The correct answer is A's Raincoat which points to the meaning of gay.

And this also has nothing to do with it, but the subway in the world's deepest place is the subway running 105 meters deep in Kiev, Ukraine.

Next is Russia. Russian Internet users are most searching for pornographic sites as ASasha Gray (Sasha Gray) "B," Mom ", C" Russian "?

The correct answer was C's Russian.

The number of women living in Russia is more than 10 million more than men.

Which of A 'Japanese', B 'Chinese', or 'C' Korean 'is the most frequent word of Chinese Internet users searching for pornographic sites?

The correct answer is A Japanese.

Again as a source of unknown knowledge, in China, about 4,000 of the children born in the past 15 years were named "Oh yeong", meaning the Olympic Games.

Which of the words most searched for in Iranian pornographic sites is A "Porn Star (porn actress)", B "P *** Y (female genital instrument)", C "Massage"?

The correct answer was B * P *** Y (Female Equipment).

One of the few condom factories in the Middle East is in Iran.

Which of the Finnish users are searching for pornographic sites on the 1st number is A "Granny", B "Mature", C "Czech"?

The correct answer is B 's Mature meaning milf.

There are 2.2 million saunas in Finland,World sauna championshipIt is also a venue for.

In the end, which of the words that South African net users mostly search on pornographic sites is A "Poop (female)", B "Biggest Orgey" (largest orgy), C "Hidden Cam (hidden camera)"? , The question that.

The correct answer was C's Hidden Cam (hidden camera).

In addition, South Africa is the only country in the world that voluntarily abandoned its nuclear weapons development plan.

Incidentally,PornMDHas surveyed popular search words in pornographic sites over the past 6 months, the top 10 rankings of the words that Japanese net users have searched for first in pornographic sites are as follows.

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