A house built in a rock in the middle of the river

It flows through the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and SerbiaDolina RiverA house is left for 45 years on the rocks in. People do not live and it seems to be a sightseeing spot, but why is there a house like this ...?

Kućica na Drini

This house was built by local boys in 1968, it is obviously hard to build a house on a rock in the river, it was completed with the help of a friend. It is in a perfect place to use as a villa, it seems that it was extraordinary to row here by rowing a boat on a sunny day.

It is famous as a kayak spot, and since many kayak enthusiasts gathered from around 1980, I was carrying out the event organized by the tourism bureau from 2000, but because the scale became too large, in 2007 It seems that no event has been held from.

The rock where the house is built is almost in the middle of the river.

Large clouds and sky.

Autumn sky and house.

The photographs taken by Hungarian photographer Eileen Becker became a topic on the net and even in the magazine National Geographic, it was taken up as one of "the best in August".

The foggy Dolina river is an atmosphere that seems to be a painting as it is.

A picture taken in the spring to summer season.

A house under a clear blue sky.

A slightly rough sky.

Due to the state as it is built on the Dolina river, it is serious when the watering increases. In the past, the house was shed, and what you are building now seems to have been rebuilt.

In the movie you can see how the house is flooded.

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