Software that can create and update blogs in 2 ch at 10 seconds "2ch Summary Builder"

With just 10 seconds you can put down "2channels" in bulk and post it on your blog more than 100 million page views per month · Ridiculous software that says you can earn 3 million yen in one month is this "2ch Summary Builder"is. 2ch Conclusion The task of creating the blog itself has been told that "is not it almost automatable?", It was expected that someone might make it someday, but what seemed to be the real thing finally appeared It has become a feeling.

2ch Conclusion Tools that can create and post blogs in 10 seconds | 2ch Summary Builder

In order to create a summary efficiently, it is said that the following functions are installed.

· Acquired from momentum rankings: Easy acquisition of threads with a lot of writing momentum
· Automatic Less Anchor Sorting: Automatically move the lesson under the anchor destination
· Automatic deletion: Automatically delete writes with fewer characters
· Automatic coloring: Automatically color the writing with many lessons
· Random deletion: Delete all the chosen randoms from the whole at once

It seems that you can also make fine modifications such as adding comments with AA to each article, changing titles, adding affiliate advertisements.

Design templates of layouts as well as looking at the summary site as shown below are also installed.

Furthermore, since there is a past log search function, it is possible to acquire a thread that DAT entered · DAT dropped, and strangely fine details are considered up to it.

Other functions are also what it says, a function that looks like it very much.

· Change title: Thread title is not diverted as it is, it can be corrected to a fluttering title such as 【【This is awful】 【with animation】 etc.
· HTML insertion: You can insert comments, links, and videos on the top and bottom of the lesson, and you can also include affiliate ads and ASCII art
· Font editing: It is possible to color funny writing and fiddling bigger fonts, and it is possible to edit appearance in the same way as ordinary blog
· Automatic image upload: Load the image link attached to the thread, upload it to the blog automatically.
· ID filter: It is possible to filter only by deleting all the specific IDs or displaying them all in reverse. According to the explanation of the site "It is a function that makes a big success with SS (Short Story) based thread".
· Reservation posting: It is possible to set the reservation posting from the 2ch summary builder without setting the reservation on the blog

In addition, the lower version "2ch Summary Builder" corresponds to livedoor blog (livedoor Blog). The upper version "2ch Summary Builder Pro" corresponds to livedoor blog (livedoor Blog) · FC2 blog · Wordpress, it is also possible to update using Wordpress in your own domain. The main functional differences are as follows.

In addition, the price is "2ch Summary Builder" with a list price of 19,800 yen, "2ch Summary Builder Pro" price of 48,800 yen, furthermore everything in the wrong direction has been exhausted to everything "2ch Summary Builder Affiliate Strongest Pack "(a set of software that can automatically acquire and automatically register eight types of social bookmark accounts such as automatic generation of blog posts from RSS · Hatena bookmarks) has a list price of 61,800 yen.

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