All publishers of the Kadokawa Group signed a contract to distribute e-books for Kindle

Kadokawa Shoten,ASCII Media Works,Enterbrain,Fujimi Shobo,media Factory,Kadokawa Shogaku PublishingAll Kadokawa group publishers have signed an agreement to distribute electronic books for Amazon and Kindle. AmazonNegotiate with major publishers to sell e-books in Japan within 2011Although it was doing, it seems that it became a contract over the past.

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According to the publishing industry newspaper "New Culture", this agreement will result in the sale of e-books from publishers of the Kadokawa Group when Amazon releases Kindle in Japan. Although Kindle has an application that supports PCs and smartphones, distribution is also done here as well.

In October 2011 "Amazon is also negotiating with major publishers to sell e-books in Japan within the yearThere was a report saying that the Kadokawa group and Amazon had been negotiating for a year.

This was the first case for a major publisher to sign a contract for selling and distributing e-books for Kindle. In addition, it seems that the Amazon side has the right to decide the price which was considered to be a point of issue in the contract.

Publishers other than the Kadokawa Group are urgently required to make e-books, and Kodansha is in the interview on February 20, when new publications from June or later start to set up paper books and e-books simultaneously I have announced.

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Shinchosha, Gakken Holdings, and Shogakkan are also aiming for electronic conversion of the newly published books. In 2012, it seems that new books will be able to be read normally by Kindle.

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