"Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012" to be held

"Tokyo International Anime Fair 2011" which was canceled due to the impact of the Great East Japan EarthquakeHowever, it was decided to hold next year and the schedule was released.

The official website of the "Tokyo International Anime Fair" has already been changed to the title "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012", and the top page contains "Notice" as below.

As I reported the other day, the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2011 was canceled, but the Tokyo International Anime Fair Executive Committee will start moving toward the next Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012.
I strongly hope that by holding the "Tokyo International Anime Fair" which is the world's largest animation general trade fair, we will contribute a bit to the reconstruction of the earthquake disaster by telling everyone the power to send animation and entertainment We do.

I pray from the bottom of my heart for the safety of everyone in the disaster area and the earliest reconstruction.

Press Release | News | Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012

The schedule is 4 days from March 22 (Thu) to 25 (Sunday) 2012, 22 (Thursday) and 23 (Fri) are business days where only stakeholders can enter, 24th (Saturday) · Sunday, 25th (Sunday) is publicly open to the public, and it is scheduled as usual. The hall is the East 1 2 3 hole of the Tokyo Big Sight and others.

For the purpose of opposing the movement of a series of cities of Tokyo Metropolitan Youth health reform ordinance revisionComic 10 society such as Kadokawa Shoten, Kodansha, Shueisha announces refusal to join the Tokyo International Anime FairThen,"Anime Content Expo"Although it was planning to hold a unique event called "Tokyo International Anime Fair", it was a memorable new place that was canceled due to the earthquake disaster, but the official website of "Anime Content Expo" Since it is currently in an unviewable state, it is still unknown whether "Anime Content Expo" will be held again.

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