【Dread: Girl Revolutionary Utena 」Utena role and voice actor Tomoko Kawakami who played" AIR "Kamio Takeshi role, died

"Hikaru no GoHikaru Shindou "and"Girl Revolutionary Utena"Utena Utena,"Sgt. Frog"Fuyuki Hyuga,"AIR"It seems that voice actor Tomoko Kawakami who has played role of Kando Ryuzo and so on died.

Official presentation is being held in the name of "Representative Director Yuri Yuri Staff all in one" on the blog of the affiliated office's Web site Baobab.

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Actor of our company, Tomoko Kawakami Today, Thursday, June 9, 2011 (Thursday) 16:45, I was suffering from sudden death without medicinal efficacy unfortunately, I was under medical treatment for sickness.

Thank you very much for your generous support to everyone in life.
Thank you very much.

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The GIGAZINE editorial department confirmed the program Baobab, it seems that voice actor Tomoko Kawakami died yesterday. The official announcement is to be done as soon as the overload condition of the site is resolved.

Tomoko Kawakami was born on April 25. In 1994 while I was in college, TV anime "Metal fighter ♥ MIKUDebut as voice actor. "1995"Fushigi Yugi"He played the role of the youngest suzaku seven star boss. As a protagonist, he is famous for Uena Tenge at the "Girl Revolutionary Utena" in 1997. Although he admires the Prince, he acted a little girl who challenged the battle game over the captured bride by becoming a prince himself.

Other typical roles are Hikaru no Go, Shindo Hikaru,Harukanaru Toki no Naka deAkane Motomiya, Fuyuki Hyuga of "Keroro sergeant", "History's Strongest Disciple KenichiMr. Miho Tenji, "Amber of" DARKER THAN BLACK ", Athena Senpai of" ARIA "series, Kamio Kizuzu of" AIR "etc.

Although I was closed for work due to poor health and illness sickness in 2008, the 2009 movie "Super theater version Keroro sergeant Sheng Dragon Warriors is here!Some work, such as the role of Fuyuki Hyuga in the work, was recorded during the fighting illness.

Because of this holiday, Mr. Kunihiro Ichihara and Mr. Tomoko Kawakami who served as supervisor in the Utah Revolutionary Girl were updating in the exchange diary format "Ikuni's Mel and his warehouse blogAlso, the final update of Tomoko Kawakami was December 21, 2008.

birthday! | Ikuniweb

I belong to the same office on TwitterRyuzo IshinoAnd co-starred at workSuzuka YukiMr. Keroro party yesterdayHaruna IkesawaAnd they are tweeting against this information.

When you listen to the voice, there may be something like "It is the voice I met with some animation!"

YouTube - Tomoko Kawakami Voice Sample

By the way, the opening of "Girl Revolutionary Utena" which is one of the representative works is here.

YouTube - Girl Revolutionary Utena Opening

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