Actually it is very hard to collect 5 ingredients

ByBen Rimmer

Even food ingredients familiar to the table, there are many things that you do not really know how it is harvested.

Adam Gertler is an American cable TV show hosting himself"The Learning Channel"So we decided to gather a variety of ingredients. Based on that experience, I talk about five ingredients that I found most difficult to get.

In fact, the details of the five very difficult ingredients to collect are below.The Toughest Jobs in Food - Scene Asia - Scene Asia - WSJ


ByAllerina & Glen MacLarty

Oysters have been eaten in coastal areas around the world since long ago and have been widely used as chemicals and cosmetics.

Mr. Gertler said, "I ride on a railless ship to separate the flocks of oysters stuck with calcium and pack it in a bag until it is 100 pounds (45.3 kg), then bags in a cooling room on the other side of the ship We carry it and pile up high above the pallet.The skilled craftsmen throw a bag full of oysters lightly like a bag made of feathers but it was a desperate work for me. " And the spicy of oyster harvesting work.



The cranberry fruit is very acidic and not suitable for raw eating, but it is a raw material for confectionery, jam, cranberry juice, especially in the United States and Canada it is indispensable as a sauce used for roasting of turkey served at Thanksgiving Day It is getting.

According to Mr. Gertler's experience, "Cranberries are a very delicate crop, which makes this work difficult, Massachusetts night is not constantly watching the cold weather severe and cranberries not to frost If frost occurs, it is necessary to notify the neighboring farmers and water the sprinklers so that there is no frost in the cranberries.When the harvest is near, you can really sleep all night It is not possible to do it. "

◆ Fish fillet


In Japan, even in familiar families, we judge fish by ourselves, but there are many places where it is difficult to obtain fresh fish in overseas inland areas.

Mr. Gertler said about the difficulty of getting fish fillets, "It is a difficult task to judge fish cleanly, but if you go down hundreds of days a day like those who work in San Paul or California harbors, this It is a tremendously painful task.The technology to remove the small bones so as not to waste the meat and open the body to open the body requires years of training to master.


ByThe Vault DFW

Lobster is the premier food that boasts the largest size among shrimps. "Basket fishing" using big baskets is used for fishing, but lobsters are ferocious and it is not unusual to hurt each other, so the landing lobsters are fastened with scissors legs immediately with a rubber band, It will be on the market as it is.

According to Mr. Gertler, "Collection of lobsters in Maine proved to be a lonely and difficult task to get up out of the dark and start with a barrel of approximately 159 liters of herring in a small boat. We move from the gimmick to the gimmick, weigh the size of the lobster it took, pick up something big enough, but not too big, and harvest it and make a gimmicky ", commenting on the hardships of harvesting .


ByCornell Fungi

Truffle is a generic term for mushrooms of the genus Seiro. It grows on the roots of hardwoods and forms massive fruiting bodies in the ground. In Europe, it is a high-class ingredient which is regarded as the world's three greatest delicacies, famous for black truffle from France and white truffle from Italy. It is famous for harvesting using pigs, but it is also possible to search in trained dogs.

Mr. Gertler says, "There is no scarcity as of truffles in France and Italy, but even in Oregon state you can take white truffles from underneath Victims.These truffles can not be cultivated, so you have no choice but to collect wild things It is a very difficult task to go round a moist forest and look for it, but it will be a pleasure to find one truffle and I will continue to search more. "Apparently, truffle Unlike other foodstuffs, digging is still harsh, but it seems to be a work that you can feel interested in gathering positively yet.

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