Types 8 types that follow follow on Twitter or reject my mic in mixi, are you OK?

Twitter and mixi etc. make good use of aspects where human beings are social animals and activate communication to bring out various benefits in a nice way, but naturally everyone gets along with everyone friends I can not become it. In some cases, they are disliked, there are cases where Twitter is unfollowed and "unfollowed", mixi can be removed from friends and refused my mic.

What on earth is the cause? Details are as below.
The Eight Types of People to Unfollow on Twitter or Defriend on Facebook - Facebook - Gawker

◆ Type 1 "Communication addicts"

In English it means "Overuser", an abuser. In short, the state of "online login" that he always logs in and is always there. Only using tweeting everything every day on Twitter, updating mixi's diary, using the front of the personal computer, mobile phone, iPhone etc. all day only tweeting things that do not matter anything It is invisible, it seems to be rather annoying rather than not worth anything, it is unfollowed, removed from my mic and isolated ... ....

◆ Type 2 "live addicts"

In English it means "Oversharer", sharing too much. It is a case that everything is acting like sharing everything in my life with everyone and acting like sharing it, everything is in the state of leakage of dada, and it is also a case exceeding the degree. It's a personal concern like daily solvable "like do-it-yourself!", Or I will go pick up flowers from now on toilet! It is the case that you are live broadcasting even troubles · physiological phenomena · sexual actions and impulses that are not likely to solve individuals, such as Hyakha who finally threw away virginity today at last. All that is necessary is not a friend but a counselor, so it will be involved in the irritated just by looking at it, so it will be unfollowed, removed from my mic and will be isolated.

◆ Type 3 "Missionary fanatic fanatics"

In English it means "Proselytizer", converts. He showed great interest in political struggle, environmental destruction, homosexuality problem, religious affairs, etc., accusing the opponent's current thought every time, "Like that is wrong! Should ooo!" I do not have to do anything and it pounds, "The current government is no good! The next election is voting for the party and it is a change now!" Or "I'm against the ecology of using petroleum fuels! It is irreplaceable Let's do more eco-friendly things to protect the global environment! "Or" The teaching of ○ ○ is wonderful, do you want to go to the meeting together next time "etc is. Even though I am not interested in those problems, I repeat self-assertion persistently and unilaterally, and furthermore if I do not agree with my own idea, I do not understand "you do not understand! I do not understand! Because it approaches with almost equal momentum to brainwashing, it is unfollowed, unfollowed, being removed from my mic ... ....

◆ Type 4 "People who only talk about inner ring"

In English it means "In-Joker", an injured person. For example if you go to an alumni association of someone's friend's school and you talk about the story that only people who were enrolled in former schools talk about it and everyone is excited about it, you know that Because it is not boring, it is boring and you feel it is crappy, your interests should not be zero, but rather it will make you feel uncomfortable. There are certainly many people practicing the same kind of things online and it is certain that only certain relationships of friendship relationships can be understood Pech Kupak and Tweet and smile with couscous to accept the inner ring When it repeats remarks as supreme purpose repeatedly, it is natural that it becomes the existence of noise or less from the person who does not understand the meaning of that inner ring story, it is unfollowed, it is easy to be removed from my mic ... .

◆ Type 5 "People with only Copipe"

In English, "Replyer", meaning people who do not mean meaningless reply. On Twitter, people who are full of "@" and "RT", only copying and sprinkling all the remarks of someone else, expressing their own opinions without any comments or comments of their own there is no. Essentially, all the copies of somewhere have been copied and everything copied is diary etc, there is nothing more than that. I want to ask "Are you a bot of news?" In Twitter and mixi, the original words originating from themselves are the elements that make communication fun and at the same time they are of high quality content, so if they seem to abandon them at all, the meaning is together Because it is not, it is unfollowed, it is removed from my mic ... ....

◆ Type 6 "Information weak"

"Meme Lover" in English,MemeIt means the lover. These people are dancing in advertisements that pretend to advertise as a word-of-mouth advertisement that is aware of sending out chain mails, being quickly prevalent and being openly aware of the spreading, pretending to be evangelistic, rather than being useful for anyone, rather than confusing As much information as possible brings joy to the point that it carries the one stick and dries out the information that has already been done. As soon as I know that natto and bananas are good for health via mass media such as TV, magazines, newspapers, I go out to buy at supermarkets, I love sweets, so-called "Information weak"Abbreviated as" weakness "so that people who use advanced tools such as Twitter are disliked because they are misunderstood, and as a result they are unfollowed and from Mi Mike It is being removed ......

◆ Type 7 Part 7 "Angler"

In English, "Fisher" is an angler. Something of great value and event happens and it does not mean to tell others that "There is such a thing!" And does not convey information, it can not wait for such things to happen, It is a case that I want you to get caught because self - revealing greed is too strong, and it hangs like a huge hoax. Hatena keyword "fishingLet's read the explanation.

It is a pleasant criminal / confident offensive act aiming at inviting water to people who are sensitive to specific words and actions, and enjoying that people respond excessively.

An example of "2 chan" which seems to have the highest use frequency of this word in the meaning on the web is a thread gathered enthusiastic fans such as a work, a famous person, a celebrity, etc. Also a credibility Slowing information of high lies like that, dare to write with extreme common sense topics with joy as if I knew the topic for the first time, expecting to get in from the surrounding fans, reactions Act ((In this case, if it is said to be a lie or beaten intensively, the phrase "caught caught" will be written from himself who did the fishing, but it is almost overwhelmingly sour .

Naturally, if you are a good fishing you get rather respect as a "fisherman", but in most cases there is no planning, it is a foolish, low-level fishing that is not boring, not only the place to hesitate, but also rather unpleasant It is disgusted when these low-quality fishing is always done, it is unfollowed as a natural consequence, it is removed from my mic ... .... Please note that the 2-channel AA's "fishing"You can understand it more intuitively.

◆ Type 8 "Even if you do not need a good man"

In English it means "Nobody", who is not anyone. On Twitter, the list of people who follow you in a blink of an eye and the list of people who follow you are full, and mixi will be full of my mic in the same way. Although it is still good, it is still good, but in spite of not being acquainted with anything in the field or interested, despite being "not at the same school" "because it is a friend of a friend" such an estranged connection, rather to talk for eternity Despite being a relationship that would not be, on the net somehow it is a follower or my mic. Just as you are not interested in your opponent, your opponent is not interested in you, so I am unfollowed because I am not interested in it, it will be removed from my mic ... ....

In short, if you are communicating without forcing though it is not even a "true friend", you get tired of communication on the net, so it will result in bad results for each other.

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