The most beautiful pizza hut in the world, using the building once used for the royal family

OnceQueen WilhelminaIt seems that a shop in Pizza Hut which used the building which was used by the same as it is in the Netherlands. Despite the fast-food shop, there are luxurious chandeliers and roof decorations on the ceiling, etc. It is quite gorgeous interior decoration.

Details are as below.
The most beautiful Pizza Hut in the world |

Pizza Hut Nederland

DutchDen HaagPizza hut in. Appearance is relatively common.

However, in the shop there are chandeliers and interior decorated with fancy designs, and it is unlikely to be a pizza shop.

The ceiling is also a decoration that does not seem to be a restaurant. Cleaning seems to be tough.

The forehead of the mirror is also gorgeous.

I feel like I can eat pizza here in an elegant mood.

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