When it is time to buy it? At last the liquid crystal display will rise

Due to the slowdown in sales due to the economic stagnation worldwide, as a result of excess supply of liquid crystal display, remarkable price decline continued, but it seems to turn to price rise at last.

It may be good news for users who decided to buy when they do not know the timing to stop lowering.

Details are as follows.
January LCD Panel Demand to be Temporarily Tight, February Price is expected to be Up - Displaybank

According to the research result of display company specialized in display "Displaybank", it seems that the price of large liquid crystal panel has stopped falling.

This is the result of taking measures such as liquid crystal panel manufacturers restraining production to adjust the number of stocks on hand, and although the liquid crystal panel prices have continued to decline until now, it is finally decided in December 2008 and 2009 The month's price has stopped changing.

In January, Chinese companies plan to temporarily stop the production of LCD panels according to the vacation season, so LCD panels for laptop computers and LCD TVs are expected to rise in February It is.

Apparently it seems that the price decline tends to settle, that is, if you buy it now is that ...?

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