Ten questions to avoid listening to twins

The probability that twins will be born isFour pairs out of 1000 pairs regardless of raceIt seems that it is about. Since I do not see it very often, I would like to ask various questions when I meet, but it seems that there are questions to hurt the feelings of twins in the middle. What kind of question should I avoid?

Details are below.
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1. "Have you ever tried to deceive your lover?"
No twin thinks about such a thing.

2. "Does the other person hurt if you hit you?"
It seems to be a very common question. Unfortunately.

3. "Do not the contents change from time to time?"
A question not to be disappointed.

4. "Are you dating the same person?"
Even with similar features, preferences and personality are not the same.

5. "What is your birthday x month x day but the other day?"
In the case of twins Generally the same day is the birthday. If it happens occasionally born across a date, it will be a different day.

"Which side is handsome (beautiful)? Which one is better?"
To decide which one to watch. Rather they do not understand.

7. Which one is the copy?
Which is not the main body. Both are the main body.

8. "They are not similar, are not they twins?"
Dizygotic twinsIt is natural that it is not alike.

9. "Did not you get misunderstood at the hospital when you were a baby?"
In the hospital it is managed properly by attaching management tags and painting nails.

Ten.Double mint gam's CM songTo sing
Do not forget that there are twins that are not happy to be twins.

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