Midosuji Umeda subway under the movie "Happening" Limited "human type" advertisement is pretty creepy

A movie nationwide road show from Saturday, July 26 "HappeningHowever, because the advertisement limited to the subway Midosu Umeda station is quite eerie, I have taken a picture. People around me were looking at something like "What is that ... ...." Or, I avoided it.

Pictures are from the following.
This advertisement was the first attempt as an Osaka Municipal Subway Transportation Bureau, and it was said that it was printed on a transparent sheet to a human type to be precise. It is supposed to be issued until July 27th (Sunday), and the response from the general people to the transportation department is also great, and "I was surprised because there were advertisements suddenly under my feet", "What advertisement?" ) "" It is an interesting advertisement, "" creepy! "

Someone in such a place

Also here.

What are they escaping from?

Very strange atmosphere

What really are you escaping from ......

Something is happening

It was also here.

This may get an eye out

I tried up

Feeling staring

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