About the liquid crystal of Nintendo DS cartel allegation, Sharp and Hitachi entrance examination

cartelWhat is something, collusion between companies, such as price, production quantity, sales area, etc. unjustly profit. It is illegal to violate the Antimonopoly Act.

It became clear that allegations of that cartel occurred at Sharp and Hitachi, Ltd.'s subsidiary Hitachi Displays. The Fair Trade Commission has already inspected on this date on suspicion of violation of antitrust law.

Details are as below.
DS liquid crystal, suspected of cartel Sharp and entering Hitachi

According to the Kyodo news agency, there is a suspicion that both companies have collaborated to negotiate the delivery price contracted with Nintendo to prevent price collapse of LCD panels Sharp and Hitachi Displays delivered to Nintendo And that.

This cartel is frequently done because companies want to secure profits, and recently there are cases like the following.

Tokyo Newspaper: International Cartel Exclusion to Four Overseas Companies Order from the Public Relations Commission First Bridgestone Surcharge: Economy (TOKYO Web)

Nippon Sheet Glass, cartel penalty 22.6 billion yen Payment · Maximum for Japanese companies

The following articles are detailed about international cartels, and many Japanese companies are also involved.

Snowball swelling cartel sanctions (changing competition policy ~ survive the large M & amp; A period): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)

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