Finally 4GB SDHC card broke 2000 yen

2 GB in February last yearSD, miniSD card divided by 2000 yenIn about a year, the 4 GB SDHC card corresponding to the double capacity divided by 2000 yen.

Details are as below.
Major price comparison site "Price .comAccording to the price information published in "4 GB SDHC card currently has cut below 2000 yen, 1999 yen at 23:00 on January 25, 2008.

Price .com - regardless of manufacturer SDHC memory card 4GB price comparison

According to the price fluctuation graph, we can see that the downward trend since December of last year has fallen at a stretch in January.
Price .com - regardless of manufacturer SDHC memory card 4 GB price change history

last weekThe 16 GB SDHC card appeared at a low price with less than 10,000 yenI told you, thanks to the increased number of memory cards with a high sense of value, I think the choices have increased considerably.

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