Google distributes free of charge "StarSuite" paid software compatible with Microsoft Office

Developed by Sun Microsystems, released the source code and synonymous with free Microsoft Office compatible software "OpenOffice.orgIt became under the title "StarSuite(Overseas it is named StarOffice, but in Japan it is named StarSuite because of the trademark relationship)Google PackIt was decided to be bundled. Word processors, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics drawings, databases, etc. can be used.

Although StarSuite originally is charged, the version installable from Google Pack is free. Overall, is added as a core and additional functions are added, and onlineGoogle Docs & amp; SpreadsheetsAnd a plug-in to synchronize the local files will be attached in the future, even at this stageGoogle DesktopIt is possible to cooperate with various kinds of Google search such as.

Details are as follows.
Google Pack Adds StarOffice

So, what is the price that is originally supposed to be,$ 99.95is. It seems that a lot of clip art and fonts are included in the package. You can check what functions are available on the following page.

Sun Microsystems - StarSuite 8 - Features and Benefits

PDF output and Flash output etc are naturally possible, so it feels pretty good. It might be perfect for people who want to reduce costs or for those who do not require severe compatibility so far.

The download is from the following.

Google Pack

So please refer to the actual installation and usage below.

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Installation and usage of "StarSuite 8" which became free

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